Material Issues

(7) Financial Products Information Disclosure and Risk Communication

Material Issue Financial Products Information Disclosure and Risk Communication
GRI Material Topic Marketing and labeling / Socioeconomic compliance
GRI Management Approach (Related Chapter) Sustainable Governance / Innovative Service
Risk Involved Because of the special nature of the financial sector and the potential impact of its services on the value of customers’ assets, good information disclosure and communication on products is vital to protect customers’ rights and interests. This is also an area tightly regulated by regulatory authorities.
Responsive Actions Fubon Financial Holdings has established “Advertising Planning and Media Buying Management Guidelines” to control the quality of promotional information issued by the financial holding company and its subsidiaries. “Guidelines for the Notification and Handling of Customer Complaints over Joint-Marketing Activities by Subsidiaries” have also been devised to protect the rights and interests of customers and quickly resolve disputes.
Impact Boundary where the impacts occur Fubon Financial Holdings
The Fubon Financial Holdings’ Involvement with the impacts Directly