Material Issues

(6) Integrity Management

Material Issue Integrity Management
GRI Material Topic Anti-corruption / Anticompetitive behavior
GRI Management Approach (Related Chapter) Sustainable Governance
Risk Involved Markets, international norms and stakeholders all expect enterprises to act ethically and responsibly and comply with corporate governance best practices. Unethical behavior can lead to losses, penalties from regulatory authorities or a tarnished corporate image, and deal a severe blow to the Company’s sustainable development.
Responsive Actions To create a robust governance environment, Fubon Financial Holdings has established “Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles” and “Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles.” A “Code of Ethical Conduct” was put in place to set ethical standards for board directors and managers, and “Procedures for Ethical Management and the Guideline for Conduct” were established to deal with developments in ethical management regulations at home and abroad. Measures have also been taken to mitigate the risk of unethical behavior in business activities where that risk is relatively high, including adopting such guidelines as a “Donation Management Policy,” “Financial Consumer Protection Management Policy,” and an “Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Program.”
Impact Boundary where the impacts occur Fubon Financial Holdings
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