Material Issues

(5) Compliance and Anticrime Measures

Material Issue Compliance and Anticrime Measures
GRI Material Topic Anti-corruption / Anticompetitive behavior / Marketing and labeling / Socioeconomic compliance
GRI Management Approach (Related Chapter) Sustainable Governance
Risk Involved Because of the special nature and responsibilities of the financial sector, it is tightly regulated. Appropriate and relevant steps must be taken to comply with regulatory requirements and revisions to mitigate compliance risk or prevent deficiencies that result in penalties imposed by regulators. Failure to do so could hurt the Company’s image and business development.
Responsive Actions Fubon Financial Holdings has fostered a risk culture by strengthening compliance with laws and regulations through such measures as its “Compliance System and Management Policy,” “Group Policy for Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism,” “Auditing Policy,” “Policy on Evaluating the Effectiveness of Subsidiary Audits,” and “Tax Management Rules.” It has also developed regulatory technologies to strengthen compliance management.
Impact Boundary where the impacts occur Fubon Financial Holdings
The Fubon Financial Holdings’ Involvement with the impacts Directly