Material Issues

To maintain a clear understanding of stakeholders’ needs and the ability to analyze them, the Company lists several different ways stakeholders can contact Fubon in the web page dedicated to them and welcomes their opinions and feedback at any time. The six teams under the ESG Task Force also stay in contact with stakeholders to determine if their needs have been responded to effectively.

Through this communications process, the Company gathered a total of 85 issues of concern to stakeholders. Those issues were then matched against the “Fubon ESG Visioning Project” strategic blueprint and then discussed internally before being grouped into 28 key ESG issues – 3 related to the environment, 13 related to social concerns and 12 involving governance. The issues were then scored and ranked in importance based on the spirit of the 5-part materiality test and such criteria as “the relevance of the issue to the Company’s operations,” “the extent of concern for the issue,” and “whether many stakeholders are concerned about the same issue.”

Governance (12 issues) Social (13 issues) Environmental (3 issues)
(1) Financial innovation

(2) Corporate sustainability

(3) Compliance/Understanding, responding to legal and statutory trends

(4) Risk management system

(5) Customer rights protection (personal information protection mechanism) and dispute resolution

(6) Auditing system

(7) Ethical corporate management

(9) Information disclosure and transparency

(18) Equality and safety

(21) Labor-management relations

(22) Investment income

(23) Complaint and grievance mechanism
(8) Develop financial products linked to core competencies

(11) Customer satisfaction

(13) Salary and benefits

(14) Brand image

(15) Talent development and cultivation

(16) Work-life balance

(17) Open communications

(19) Physical and mental care

(20) Social welfare

(24) Cooperation on issues to expand benefits

(25) Community building

(26) Caring for underprivileged groups

(28) Identifying, spreading awareness of trends
(10) Promotion of responsible finance (credit and investment)

(12) Financial products that address climate change

(27) Impact of business activities on the environment