Strengthening the Resilience of Social Assets

Fubon Insurance and Fubon Life have led the industry in taking steps to help improve the resilience of social assets, including by developing disaster prevention services, agriculture insurance, and eco-friendly car insurance to strengthen society’s ability to withstand disasters. These initiatives echo U.N. sustainable development goal 11, which is to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

Initiatives 2019 Action Plans Results
Loss Control Services Continue to help companies repair and salvage equipment damaged in disasters.
  • Helped tech vendors salvage damaged equipment, including one case that saved the client tens of millions of Taiwan dollars in losses.
Lead the industry in assessing the risks of transporting equipment and protect clients’ important assets.
  • Assisted in checking and surveying the hoisting operations of 12 ships.
  • Spent 10 working days consulting on safely transporting electricity turbines.
Capitalize on being the first company in the sector to offer ultrasonic testing equipment services.
  • Did more than 300 electrical safety tests in 2019 using a combination of ultrasonic testing equipment and infrared thermal imaging devices.
Assist companies with risk improvement strategies, support their business continuity and emergency response planning.
  • Conducted more than 600 corporate risk assessments.
Held seminars and training sessions on loss control technologies.
  • Organized 26 seminars and training sessions on loss control technologies for customers attended by a total of 756 people in 2019.
Agriculture insurance Continue to develop new agriculture insurance products.
  • Introduced insurance policies for pear, rice, and banana crops, parametric aquaculture Insurance, and coverage for agricultural facilities against flooding from typhoons.
  • Planned to provide tea insurance in 2020.
New Low-carbon Lifestyle Continue to promote eco-friendly car insurance.
  • Collected NT$108 million in premiums in 2019.
Promote Fubon usage-based insurance.
  • A total of 1,124 customers bought usage-based car insurance in 2019, and reduced travel by an estimated 6.18 million kilometers.
Maintenance of Fubon Life’s major disaster support and monitoring center. Inspect the center’s equipment on a regular basis.
  • Checked the equipment on a weekly basis to make sure everything functioning properly.
Continue to recruit enthusiastic volunteers to assist with disaster relief.
  • Recruited new volunteers while publicizing Fubon Life’s overseas emergency services at Fubon business units; 299 new volunteers signed up in 2019.
Spread knowledge on how to respond to a major disaster and share experiences.
  • Continued in 2019 to post articles on disaster response on the M+ volunteer group, 56 new articles posted during the year; increased interactions with volunteers by adding new Q&A activities.
Carry out emergency response training drills.
  • Completed two emergency response drills in which volunteers reported their physical locations so they could be more efficiently mobilized.

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