Customer Relationship Management

Customer Management Policy, Directives and Results

Fubon Financial Holdings pays considerable attention to financial consumer protection and has embraced Treating Customers Fairly principles as core values and as part of its corporate value system and code of conduct. Compliance training for employees has also been strengthened to increase consumer confidence in the company and to ensure its sustainable development.

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Initiatives units 2019 Action Plans Results
Treating Customers Fairly principles Taipei Fubon Bank, Fubon Life, Fubon Insurance, and Fubon Securities.
  • Establish the Treating Customers Fairly Policy and the Treating Customers Fairly Strategy.
  • Hold three-hour training sessions on Treating Customers Fairly principles on a regular basis.
  • Review results of promotion of Treating Customers Fairly principles at meetings of upper management and report on the reviews regularly to the board of directors.
  • Conduct checks to see if customer complaints or disputes with consumers involve violations of Treating Customers Fairly principles.
  • Four subsidiaries provided a total of approximately 170,000 hours of education and training on Treating Customers Fairly principles to 59,080 people.
  • Fubon Insurance and Fubon Securities scored in the top 20% of the Financial Supervisory Commission’s Treating Customers Fairly Principles Assessment of financial services providers.
Continued to Enhance the Personal Information Protection and Management System Fubon Financial Holdings and its four major subsidiaries Regularly review the adequacy of personal information protection and management guidelines in response to changes of regulations.
  • Personal information protection and management guidelines have been reviewed/amended.
Implement the 2019 personal information protection and management program in order to establish the tasks and schedules regarding personal information protection for the year.
  • Created the annual plan.
Perform personal information protection management tasks based on the "Plan-DoCheck-Action" process.
  • Completed the tasks according to the annual plan.
Feedback Channels Fubon Life Have the complaint response team work together to improve the efficiency of service.
  • The percentage of complaint cases handled within 30 days should reach 100%. The percentage of ombudsman cases handled within 10 days should reach 100%.
Continue to develop a platform for sharing case studies of complaints.
  • A total of 147 documents added to the platform, an increase of 23%.
Policyholder feedback and support services.
  • More than 99.1% of support service cases handled within 14 days.
Improve complaint response skills.
  • Expanded education and training with a total of 314 participants and 832.5 hours.
Get feedback on services and make improvements based on that feedback.
  • Completed procedure planning of service issue Improvement and feedback mechanism reported 24 cases of implementation.
Taipei Fubon Bank Continue to provide an instant response mechanism for complaints; installed fulltime staff to accept and process complaints.
  • Ongoing process.
Analyze customer complaints in a systematic manner.
  • All customer complaints were handled appropriately, and recommendations for improvement were made based on the cases.
  • There were 29 fewer customer complaint cases in 2019 than in 2018.
Fubon Insurance Provide a variety of streamlined complaint channels.
  • Local customer service hotlines are listed on the corporate website. A customer service mail box is available to handle customer comments and complaints. A toll-free customer service hotline is also available 24 hours a day.
Implement the Fubon Insurance Guidelines on Handling Customer Complaints.
  • Implemented
Fubon Securities Create a dedicated unit to handle customers' questions and complaints.
  • Ongoing process.
Customer complaints are divided by urgency into three groups, and the response time is monitored accordingly.
  • Received 35 customer complaints in 2019. All customer complaints were handled appropriately.

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Customer Satisfaction

Fubon Financial Holdings continues to enhance its service quality management framework to collect and manage customer feedback more efficiently so that it can exceed customer expectations. Generally speaking, customer satisfaction improves every year, which reflects customer recognition of Fubon's corporate culture that puts the customer first. Going forward, Fubon will continue to put the customer first and adhere to the values of integrity, sincerity, professionalism and innovation. It will also provide services that are better tailored to customers’ needs, hoping to establish Fubon Financial Holdings as the best provider of financial services in the eyes of its customers.

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Initiatives Units 2019 Action Plans Results
Brand Asset Survey Fubon Financial Holdings A brand asset survey is conducted once every two years to get a feel for the status of the Fubon brand and the direction in which it is trending. It also provides an understanding of customer satisfaction with the four subsidiaries’.
  • Overall satisfaction with Taipei Fubon Bank, Fubon Life, Fubon Insurance and Fubon Securities service was 83%.
Conducted Real-time Satisfaction Surveys Taipei Fubon Bank Conduct satisfaction surveys at points of contact on an ongoing basis; the surveys examine and analyze causes of customer dissatisfaction and provide a basis for improving processes.
  • Nine real-time satisfaction surveys were conducted. The percentage of "satisfactory” or better responses was 93.75%. (The goal was set at 90%).
Conducted Mystery Shopper Audits Fubon Life Professional consulting firm commissioned to conduct the survey annually; results used to strengthen the quality of service provided by Fubon Life staff at retail locations and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Overall average satisfaction in 2019 was 91.68 points, up 7.85 points from 2018.
Taipei Fubon Bank Monitor service quality at points of contact from a more comprehensive perspective.
  • More than 1,200 calls to customer service departments and 170 visits to branch outlets were completed during the year. Visits to branch outlets had an average score of 82.87.
Fubon Securities Professional consulting firm commissioned to conduct the survey annually.
  • On-site average score was 83.94, phone service average score was 86.46.
Customer Satisfaction with Major Businesses Fubon Life Conduct surveys on “Overseas Emergency Services” and the “Telephone Inquiry Service”.
  • Survey of all 138 overseas emergency cases found a satisfaction rate of 98.1% (goal was 95%); of 50,429 random surveys of telephone inquiry services, 99.7% of respondents were “satisfied” or better (goal was 92%).
Taipei Fubon Bank Customer Satisfaction Surveys with Digital Platform.
  • Internet Bank satisfaction at 94.44%; Mobile Bank satisfaction at 88.88%
Fubon Insurance Continue to improve claim satisfaction and roadside assistance satisfaction.
  • Claim satisfaction was 95.5%; roadside assistance satisfaction was 99.2%; satisfaction with counter services was 98.9%
Fubon Securities Conduct surveys focused on high-volume trader satisfaction.
  • A survey conducted by an outside organization by telephone found that overall service professionalism was rated a 4.4 (out of 5) and satisfaction with trading agents was 4.57.
Continue to conduct satisfaction surveys of new account customers.
  • 96.6% of the items were rated "Satisfied” or “Very satisfied".
Service Quality Awards Taipei Fubon Bank, Fubon Insurance The bank holds an annual “Service Star” awards ceremony.
  • In 2019, 16 employees were selected as “service stars.”
Fubon Insurance commends toll-free customer service hotline associates for outstanding service every month.
  • Fubon Insurance selected two people for outstanding service every month.
Strengthen training to provide more professional service Fubon Securities Strengthened the wealth management expertise of trading agents.
  • 91% of trading agents have wealth management licenses, 85% have trust licenses, and 83% have both.
Organized investment seminars to help customers manage their portfolios.
  • Held 62 investment seminars, with nearly 4,400 people participating.

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Sound Claims Process and Comprehensive Services

Fubon Life and Fubon Insurance Claims Process

  • Fubon Life

Fubon Life customers can go to the company’s website to check for updates on their claims cases and download payment notification the day after the decision is made to pay the claim. If customers have any questions about the process or the settlement, they can call the claims hotline of 0809-020-099 or talk to a policy services associate.
Customers can get updates on claims cases by going to the Fubon Life website → Customer Service → Policyholder Area → ”My Policy” → Claims Case Progress

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  • Fubon Insurance

Fubon Insurance gives customers many ways to file claims. They can apply for a claim, check the status of a claim or report an accident through the Fubon Insurance website, the customer service hotline, the M+ instant messaging service, the smart chatbot “Fubon Bro,” the Fubon Insurance app or Fubon’s LINE account or by fax.
Given the wide variety of policies and the documents required to file claims, claims processes can vary considerably. Fubon Insurance has set up a dedicated Claims Services section on its website that details the claims process for different types of insurance and offers a list of frequently asked questions, helping policyholders quickly understand how to file claims related to their policies.

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