Increasing the Resilience of Social Assets


Fubon Insurance and Fubon Life are leading the industry in a bid to increase the resilience of social assets through the development of numerous products, including post-disaster restoration and loss prevention services, agriculture insurance, and green vehicle insurance. As a consequence, we are making tangible contributions to disaster preparedness in societies and enabling cities and lived-in environments to be safer and more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable, in line with the 11th goal of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Action Plan 2017 Action Plans Results
Post-Disaster Restoration and Loss Control Services Helped technology factories recover damaged machines, resulting in an estimated savings of more than NT$50 million. Since 2015, provided a total of 38 post-disaster loss prevention services, resulting in an estimated benefits of more than NT$1.3 billion.
Continuously helped customers across Taiwan re-examine earthquake resistance of machinery and equipment in the wake of major damage in the Southern Taiwan Science Park caused by the 2016 earthquake which struck the Meinong District of Kaohsiung. Assisted 15 corporate customers conduct in-depth disaster cause analysis and held seminars related to earthquake risks and customized training programs.
Assisted companies in risk improvement and the establishment of business continuity planning and emergency response planning. In 2017, more than 600 corporate risk evaluation projects were implemented.
Agriculture Insurance Following the roll-out of pear crop insurance, Fubon has continued to develop new agriculture insurance products. In 2017, paddy rice agriculture insurance and grouper insurance were launched, with a ratio of coverage of 7.72% and 0.74%, respectively. Fubon continues to promote insurance to farmers' associations and expects to launch agricultural facility insurance in 2018.
New Low-Emission Lifestyle Launch Comprehensive Green Vehicle Insurance Available for sale online in January 2017.
Launch Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) Approved in 2017. Expected to become available for sale in the third quarter of 2018.
Maintenance and Operation of the Disaster Relief and Monitoring Center Regular inspection of the equipment in the center Daily inspection of equipment in the center to ensure that it functions normally
Continual recruitment of enthusiastic volunteers to assist in disaster relief. Promotion was conducted in the morning meetings of 13 business departments and over 500 volunteers were recruited. By the end of 2017, the total number of volunteers reached 1,351, with an annual growth rate of over 60 %.
Communicate the importance of disaster preparedness and share experience. Starting from June 2017, posts were published weekly in the M+ volunteer group. Post frequency is increased to cover the latest news. In 2017, a total of 32 posts were published.
Add an instant messaging group to raise the response capability and to allow instant communication. In addition to the existing M+ corporate group, a Line group was established.
Implement emergency response practice drills. Drills were conducted on October 18, 2017.

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