Innovative Financial Services


Fubon Financial Holdings continues to pay close attention to the impact of our evolving society and works to link together its core competencies in the financial industry to promote innovative new financial products and services, such as micro insurance policies, charitable trusts, the trust for the elderly and disabled, and localized insurance services, with the aim of supporting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and assisting in the elimination of poverty by using our financial competencies. The Company also promotes inclusive and sustainable financial growth through the continual development of Fubon Life's "Beyond the Border" Program. The program utilizes the power of the financial industry to diminish the gap between urban and rural areas and present young people with job opportunities in their home towns. By doing so, Fubon directly helps customers and the general public to spread the benefits of the financial industry to every corner of society.

Action Plan 2017 Results Progress
Microinsurance Policies Continued to promote microinsurance policies and achieved annual sales targets. Total premiums collected in 2017 for microinsurance policies amounted to NT$5.76 million, resulting in an achievement rate of 114.1% compared to the original target of NT$5.05 million.
Charitable Trust Increased total assets under management for charitable trust. Total assets under management for charity trust amounted to approximately NT$893 million, up 33% from 2016.
Increased funds collected from charitable activities and donations conducted by charitable trusts. A total of about NT$118 million in donations were collected through charitable trust, an increase of 78% compared to 2016.
Trust for the Elderly and Disabled People Actively promoted trust for the elderly and disabled people. In 2017, Fubon continues to promote the trust for the elderly and disabled through personnel training, accompanied customer visits, customer seminars and interviews with the Broadcasting Corporation of China.
Increased the number of beneficiaries for trust for the elderly and disabled people. In 2017, the number of beneficiaries of the trust for the elderly and disabled increased by 56, reaching a total of 80 persons.
Increased the assets under management for trust for the elderly and disabled people. In 2017, total assets under management for Trust for the Elderly and Disabled People amounted to approximately NT$385 million, up 64% from 2016.
Fubon Boundless Project Continued to establish new“Boundless Project” sales offices and expand agency sales force. A total of 40 new "Boundless Project" sales offices were established in 2017, resulting in a net increase of 2,524 full-time agents, or 11.6% more than in 2016.
Good Neighbor Policy The Community Living Circle program incorporated resources from urban areas into rural communities and provided community building services including seminars and walking activities. Held 60 events attended by approximately 27,500 people.
Kbro cooperated with local institutions to provide activities aimed at parents and children and Senior Living programs for senior citizens, forging closer bonds between local governments and the general public. A total of 26 activities were held involving upwards of 6,000 participants.
The Friendly Fubon Neighbors program included charity activities that cultivated a favorable impression and positive brand image for Fubon within local communities. A total of 50 local service charitable activities were held across Taiwan to support 50 charities and local groups, attracting more than 22,000 participants.
The Shining Academy uses small-scale events with local characteristics, including events in recreation, edutainment, the arts, and travel, to allow clients and locals and their families to visit Fubon offices, learn, and live a LOHAS life. Nationwide, 49 small-scale lectures and events have been held in Fubon offices, which have initiated exchange and interaction with the local people. Over 3,600 people have participated thus far.
Nationwide Health Seminars, which were originally only open to employees, were expanded to include families of Fubon employees, policyholders, and members of our local communities. The seminars help to cultivate good health habits and healthy lifestyles. Held 43 health promotion seminars (including consultations), attracting nearly 2,000 participants.

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