Innovative Financial Services

Fubon Financial Holdings continues to pay close attention to the impact of our evolving society and works to link together its core competencies in the financial industry to promote innovative new financial products and services, such as microinsurance policies, charitable trusts, and localized insurance services, with the aim of supporting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and assisting in the elimination of poverty by using our financial competencies. The Company also promotes inclusive and sustainable financial growth through the continual development of Fubon Life's "Boundless Project". The program utilizes the power of the financial industry to diminish the rural-urban divide and also gives young people a chance to land a high-quality job in their hometown. By doing so, Fubon directly helps customers and the general public to spread the benefits of the financial industry to every corner of society.

Initiatives 2018 Action Plans Results
Microinsurance Policies Continued to promote microinsurance policies and achieved annual sales targets. Total microinsurance premiums collected in 2018 for microinsurance policies amounted to NT$6.63 million, resulting in an achievement rate of 130% compared to the original target of NT$5.10 million.
Charitable Trust Increased total assets under management for charitable trust. Total assets under management for charity trust amounted to approximately NT$ 1.285 billion, up 43% from 2017.
Increased funds collected from charitable activities and donations conducted by charitable trusts. A total of about NT$143 million in donations were collected through charitable trust, an increase of 21% compared to 2017.
Fubon Boundless Project Planned to recruit 6,000 sales agents for tied-agent channel, and establish 15-18 new "Boundless Project" sales offices. In 2018, 7,224 sales agents were recruited and 16 new "Boundless Project" sales offices were established.

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