Digital Innovations


Fubon Financial Holdings is actively deploying blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence and insurance technologies in the fintech industry and is committed to combining resources and services within the group. The aim is to utilize fintech in the fields of finance, telecommunications, and e-Commerce, which will allow Fubon to provide customers with more inclusive, better customized, and therefore superior services.

Action Plans Units 2017 Results Progress
Exploring New Fintech-enabled Financial Services
Developing Blockchain Technology Fintech Office Investing in blockchain technology The development of blockchain technology is near completion. Incorporating fund transfers through Taipei Fubon Bank has already been approved. Claims are, however, still in the research and planning phase.
Mobile payment services, such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay Taipei Fubon Bank
  • Offering convenience of mobile payment services.
  • Realized green value of paperless payment services.
Launched in middle 2017, to be followed up on an ongoing basis
Wali Smart Wallet Taipei Fubon Bank
  • Working with Taiwan Mobile, Fubon has become the first bank in the industry to launch a smart wallet that combines the functions of an Easycard and credit card. Consumers can use their mobile phone for automatic add-value and contactless payments.
  • Realized green value of paperless payment services.
Launched in late 2017, to be followed up on an ongoing basis
Expanding the Scope of Cross Border Payment Services Taipei Fubon Bank Allowing Chinese consumers to use WeChat Pay at storesaffiliated with Taipei Fubon Bank. In 2017, cross-border payment transactions amounted to more than NT$30 million.
Developing Robo-Advisors Fubon Life Teaming up with Fintech Office and a robot startup in launching robo advisors Requirements are being discussed
Fubon Securities Teaming up with Fintech Office and a robot startup in launching robo-advisors In August 2017, Fubon Securities launched its “robo-advisor” service, becoming the first company to introduce such a service in the securities industry. In 2017, the service was launched in the mobile version of the digital trading platform (Fubon e-Trading, e+) and on the web. As of December 2017, approximately 18,000 visitors have experienced the service.
Investing in Big Data
Investing in Big Data Fintech Office
  • Assisting Fubon Financial Holdings in integrating external data and in accelerating relevant service process through public data sources.
  • Investing in big data with a focus on combining organizational resources.
Incorporating public databases to assist the improvement of business services.
Developing Big Data Projects and Innovating Smart Applications Fubon Life
  • Providing big data results in time with insurance marketing campaigns, combining online insurance applications in the sales of policies, learning recommendation models through mass intelligence machines, and implementing personalized automatic recommendation services for customers.
Personalized automatic recommendation services for customers who purchase policies online launched date of March 30, 2018.
  • Integrating static basic customer information and dynamic transaction information to analyze customer behavior; introducing characteristics and preferences in order to create a comprehensive customer image database, with the ultimate aim of better understanding customer needs and categorizing customers with higher precision.
Developing IoV Services Fubon Insurance
  • Working with the Industrial Technology Research Institute, we have built a loss prevention recommendation service system, which provides commercial fleet vehicles with loss prevention recommendation reports in order to prevent loss before an incident.
Actual cases show that bad driving in commercial vehicles was improved by 30%.
  • Launching mileage-based UBI car insurance products.
The product became available in the third quarter of 2018.
Expanding the Scope of Big Data Applications and Revamping Business Models Fubon Securities
  • Completing customer investment behavior labels and automatically incorporating them into the sales staff order processing system. This strengthens the sales staff's active, real-time, and comprehensive customer service.
  • Planning and establishing the unstructured database Hadoop and incorporating dynamic customer data.
More Intellectual Property Rights
Initiating Fintech Patent Applications Fubon Life Working with KPMG in establishing the patent system and continuing to encourage innovative services and patent applications through various departments. In 2017, 2 applications for invention patents and 2 applications for utility model patents were submitted.
  • 2 invention patent was submitted in 2017.
  • Received 2 utility model patents in 2017.
Fubon Insurance Encouraging the departments to invest in development of innovative financial services. 3 for utility model patents were received in 2017. Received 4 utility model patents by the end of 2017.
Fubon Securities Submitting patent applications for innovations. Received 7 new patents in 2017 (2 invention patents, 4 utility model patents and1 design patent), reaching a total of 11 patents;Fubon lead the industry in patents.

Mobile Service


Fubon Financial Holdings supports the Innovative Finance strategy under the Fubon ESG Visioning Project and follows closely the impact of a changing society as well as responds to the impacts on environmental ecology brought forth by global climate change. The goal is to provide faster services through better products and innovations and create green value for society while pursuing profit for the company.

Action Plans 2017 Results
Taipei Fubon Bank Building a Digital Platform
  • Increasing the proportion of e-transactions
  • Increasing Number of Active Digital Platform Customers
Fubon Life E-Service that Covers the Entire Life Cycle of Insurance
  • Mobile Services Before Application-Office 365 Cloud Based Mobile Services were Implemented
  • Mobile Services During Application-Online Sales
  • Mobile Services After Application-A New Mobile Payment Channel and Smart Claims Service
Fubon Insurance Mobile Claim Service
  • Mobile Claims App
  • Automated Claims Approval System and Express Payout
  • AI smart claims approval and underwriting system
Fubon Securities create a "one cloud to multi-screens" electronic trading environment
  • Optimizing the Online Account Opening Platform Function
  • Optimizing Mobile Trading Platform

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