Customer Relationship Management

Customer Management Policy, Directives and Results

Fubon Financial Holdings pays considerable attention to financial consumer protection and has established the fair dealing principle as one of its core values and part of the corporate value system and code of conduct. Compliance training for employees is strengthened in order to increase consumer confidence in the company and to ensure its sustainable development.

Action Plans Unit 2017 Results Progress
Fair Dealing Principles Taipei Fubon Bank, Fubon Life, Fubon Insurance, and Fubon Securities Established the Fair Dealing Policy and the Fair Dealing Strategy. Completed
Feedback Channels Taipei Fubon Bank
  • Continued to provide an instant response mechanism for complaints. Installed a full-time staff to accept and process customer complaints.
Ongoing process
  • Analyzed customer complaints in a systematic manner.
All customer complaints were handled appropriately, and recommendations for improvement were made based on the cases. A total of 58 cases were put on the list to be improved.
Fubon Life
  • Complaint response team working together.
Overall case response efficiency improved by 11.6%.
  • Complaint case study platform.
Knowledge documents increased by 92%.
  • Policyholder feedback and support services.
Support cases increased by 3.6%.
  • Improved Complaint Response Skills.
A total of 140 persons received training.
  • Improvement and Feedback on Services.
Completed establishment of system for mechanisms of improvement and feedback on services.
Fubon Insurance
  • Provided a variety of streamlined complaint channels.
Local customer service hotlines are listed on the corporate website. A customer service mail box is available to handle customer comments and complaints. A tollfree customer service hotline is also available 24 hours a day.
  • Implemented the Fubon Insurance Guidelines on Handling Customer Complaints.
Fubon Securities
  • Created a dedicated unit to handle customers' questions and complaints.
Ongoing process
  • Customer complaints are divided by urgency into three groups, and the response time is monitored accordingly.
Received 27 customer complaints in 2017.

Customer Satisfaction

Fubon Financial Holdings continues to enhance the service quality management framework for more efficient collection and management of customer feedback in order to help itself exceed customer expectations. On the whole, customer satisfaction increases every year, which reflects recognition of its customers for Fubon's corporate culture of putting the customer first. Going forward, Fubon will continue to put the customer first and adhere to the values of integrity, sincerity, professionalism and innovation while providing services that are better tailored to meet customer needs and establish Fubon Financial Holdings as the provider of best financial services in the eyes of its customers.

Taipei Fubon Bank

The number of Taipei Fubon Bank deposit account holders increased by 124,886 in 2017 compared to 2016. The number of products held by deposit account holders increased by 0.02 . To improve service quality and customer satisfaction, the bank implemented comprehensive service management practices to monitor service quality. The system provides an understanding of customer satisfaction with the services provided by the bank as well as a basis for improvement.

Action Plans 2017 Results Progress
Conducted Real-time Satisfaction Surveys
  • Satisfaction surveys are conducted at points of contact on an ongoing basis. The surveys examine and analyze causes of customer dissatisfaction and provide a basis for process improvement.
9 real-time satisfaction surveys were conducted in 2017. The percentage of "satisfactory" or better was 94.36%.(The goal is set at 90%)
Customer Satisfaction Surveys with Digital Platform
  • Continued to improve customer satisfaction with digital platform in 2017.
Internet Bank satisfaction at 94.35%; Mobile Bank satisfaction at 90.14%.
Conducted Mystery Shopper Audits
  • To monitor service quality at points of contact from a more comprehensive perspective.
More than 1,300 calls to the customer services department and 200 visits to branch outlets were completed during the year.
Continued to Manage Customer Feedback
  • Customer feedback continued to be managed by a designated unit. A platform was created for more systematic case management.
The customer grievance platform has been established.

Fubon Life

As Fubon Life values every critical service delivered to customers, it strives to improve service quality by learning how satisfied policyholders are with the services offered by the company. Annual satisfaction surveys are scheduled to take place once every three years. Analysis and evaluation are performed separately on four channels (agents, counter service representatives, telephone service representatives, and official website/policyholders section), and plans for improvement are proposed accordingly. The latest result was the satisfaction survey (88.5%) in 2015.

Action Plans 2017 Results Progress
Provided Hospitalization Care 3,010 care cases per month on average in 2017. Provided extra care for maternity and cancer cases to increase customer satisfaction. Satisfaction at 100%
Claims Call Service
  • Increased Claims Service by video.
  • Implemented a simplified process and expanded the scope of service eligibility.
Due to the fact that the satisfaction rate was stabilizing, starting in 2017, no further satisfaction survey would be conducted.
Sales Office's Satisfaction Towards Service Centers
  • The survey was provided to the management of sales offices in order to conduct service evaluation of all the service centers in Taiwan.
  • The survey is conducted biennially. The last implementation was in 2016; the next is planned for 2018.
The survey was not conducted in 2017.
Policyholder Consultation Service
  • To monitor customer satisfaction with customer service over the phone, the company takes an active approach by conducting telephone satisfaction surveys on a randomly selected sample of customers.
  • Criteria of sample selection for telephone surveys: Calls that lasted 3 minutes or longer and a random sampling ratio of 3%
A sample of 57,427 cases were selected for the consultation satisfaction survey in 2017, and 74.3% rated the overall performance as "Very satisfied".(The goal is set at 60%)
Overseas Emergency Assistance Service A total of 137 cases of overseas emergency assistance service The delivery rate was 100% and the satisfaction target 95.0%. Satisfaction at 98.8%

Fubon Insurance

Fubon Insurance conducts customer satisfaction surveys on a monthly basis. It also holds service quality evaluation inside the company to recognize excellence and encourage higher customer satisfaction. Fubon Insurance serves its customers with compassion. The company is always working to improve service quality and take it to the next level. It is Fubon Insurance's mission to nurture customer service representatives who customers see as enthusiastic, friendly, and professional.

Action Plans 2017 Results Progress
Claim Satisfaction Surveys Survey results are summarized in the Customer Satisfaction Survey on Personal Insurance Claims every month and presented to the customer service center for review and improvement. Claim Satisfaction Surveys: Satisfaction at 96.8% in 2017
Roadside Assistance Satisfaction Survey Survey results are summarized in the Customer Satisfaction Survey on Roadside Assistance to show areas that customers find satisfactory or otherwise every month and presented to the roadside assistance service provider for review and improvement plans. Roadside assistance satisfaction survey: Satisfaction at 98.6% in 2017.

Fubon Securities

Providing impeccable service is Fubon Securities' overriding commitment throughout the organization. It conducts regular training programs and audits every year to maintain a high level of service quality. Technological innovations are deployed to help trading agents manage customer relationships and provide a variety of market information. All of the above contribute to enhancement of customer loyalty and foster a corporate culture intent on putting the customer first in several ways.

Action Plans 2017 Results Progress
Regular Customer Satisfaction Surveys A customer satisfaction survey was conducted on new accounts in 2017. 96.4% of the items were rated "Satisfied or Very satisfied"
Trading Agents were Given More Wealth Management Training Trading agents were made better trained in wealth management services to improve customer satisfaction. 94% of trading agents have wealth management service licenses, 87% have trust licenses, and 86% have both.
Investment Information Sessions were Organized to Help Customers with Asset Allocation Several investment information sessions were organized to help customers acquire market information. A total of 49 investment information sessions were offered in 2017 and attended by approximately 3,000.

Customer Engagement

Fubon always puts customers first, and is, therefore, always listening to its stakeholders and developing products to satisfy their needs. Fubon embraces innovations and positions itself as a trendsetter. In addition to meeting the demand of the general public, Fubon makes customer participation, government policies, support for charities and minorities, and response to social issues part of the product development process. Going forward, Fubon will focus on undertaking the responsibilities associated with corporate sustainability and offer products from which society and the environment can benefit. The company will try to establish itself as an anchor of stability in the community.

Taipei Fubon Bank

To help different groups obtain fair financial security and rights, the bank has created range of friendly services to be offered through different channels. Meanwhile, the bank supports SMEs and industry transformation as well as the government's policy to promote special loans aimed to empower domestic industries.

Action Plans 2017 Results Progress
Next Generation Bank Branches
  • Each next generation branch has a digital service area equipped with tablet PCs and smartphones that allow customers to experience the convenience of digital financial services.

  • Transforming 32 branches into digital branches in 2017.
  • By the end of December 2017, 91 of Taipei Fubon Bank’s branches had been transformed into next generation branches (72% coverage rate).

  • The goal for 2018 is to bring the total of next generation branches to 111 (87%) by the end of the year.

Year 2015 2016 2017 2018
Number of branches 28 31 32 20
Coverage rate 22% 46% 72% 87%
Created Multiple Service Channels
  • Opening 2 self-service banking centers.
Anhe self-serve banking center - An average of 11,678 transactions and 4,031 passbook transactions per month. Xuchang Street self-serve banking center - An average of 7,291 transactions and 1,872 passbook transactions per month.
  • Cross-sector alliance locations.
Opened branches inside Taipei City Hall and created Songnan Branch.
  • Installed accessible ATMs.
A total of 533 machines had been installed as of the end of 2017.
  • Talking ATMs for the visually impaired.
A total of 19 machines had been installed as of the end of 2017.
  • Internet banking and Internet banking ATM for the visually impaired.
A total of 4,511 inquiries and transactions were made as of the end of 2017.
Set Up Policy Financing Schemes
  • Submission to credit guarantee fund.
A total of 7,243 accounts with an outstanding balance of NT$12,893,408,000.
  • Preferential Loans for Cultural Creative Industry.
A total of 5 accounts with an outstanding balance of NT$12,514,000.
  • Investment Project Loans for Returning Taiwanese Enterprises.
A total of 1 account with an outstanding balance of NT$298,671,000.

Fubon Life

In response to an aging population and the combination of a falling birth rate, the Company continues to work with re-insurers to develop long-term care health insurance products as well as products that pay disability benefits for a broader scope of disability and dementia to provide more comprehensive care for the disabled. In addition, spillover insurance is provided in response to government policy, with the aim of encouraging policyholders to manage their own health through discounts in the premium, thereby creating a mutually beneficial solution.

Since there is relatively limited experience for innovative products, international incidence rate studies can be obtained from re-insurers according to specific requirements. Meanwhile, experience loss is more difficult to predict for new products; so the company can shift part of the risk onto re-insurers, thereby expanding the company's capacity to undertake policy liabilities.

Action Plans 2017 Results Progress
Product that Pays Disability Benefits for a Broader Scope of Disability and Dementia through Simplified Claim Procedures
  • Fubon Life XLY
  • Fubon Life XYR
  • Fubon Life XLK
19 out of the products available in 2016 were developed in collaboration with reinsurers. The number rose to 20 in 2017. Net increase 1 products, and 4 were new additions.
In response to government policies, Fubon launched spillover insurance, which offers a discount in the premium as an incentive to encourage the policyholders to implement self health management, thereby creating a mutually beneficial situation for the policyholders and the Company.
  • Fubon Life SWF

Fubon Insurance

Fubon Insurance solicits opinions from businesses and customers, eases the restrictions for purchasing policies, and expands the scope of crop insurance to ensure that product development is consistent with consumer demand and ensure that consumers may acquire physical, mental, and financial protection by purchasing commercial insurance.

Action Plans 2017 Results Progress
Extended Reach of Core Services
  • Following pear insurance, paddy rice agriculture insurance and the grouper insurance were launched in 2017.
Campaigns continued at local farmers' associations, and agricultural facility insurance is expected to be launched in 2018.
  • Mountaineering insurance policies can now be issued to 1 person or more instead of a group of 5 people or more in response to the mountaineering enthusiasts' needs and the modification of the mountaineering autonomy regulations.
A total of 3,256 policies were purchased to cover 45,000 persons in 2017.
  • Fubon Insurance teamed up with Taipei City Department of Social Welfare, the Fubon Charity Foundation, and social welfare institutions in promoting.

Fubon Securities

A data analysis shows that the most frequently encountered problem is being locked out of the account due to failed password attempts, followed by issues with digital certificates and issues with the e-trading platform that require urgent assistance.

Action Plans 2017 Results Progress
E-trading platform issues
  • Optimizing the electronic trading platform to provide customers with more convenient, richer interfaces and contents.
Resolved Login and Password Issues
  • Optimized password conversion to provide customers faster password-based log in to the Fubon electronic platform for trading.

Customer Privacy Protection

It is essential for corporations to enhance information security management and ensure that such practices are effectively incorporated into business activities. In addition, corporations should raise awareness of information security among their employees and customers and build an environment that strikes a balance between efficient services and security. This is the only way to ensure the well-being of the population while keeping industries competitive. Fubon Financial Holdings will continue its pursuit of perfection and fulfill its corporate social responsibility of ensuring that customers' privacy and personal information are protected.

Action Plans 2017 Results Progress
Continued to Enhance the Personal Information Protection and Management System
  • Reviewed the adequacy of personal information protection and management guidelines in response to changes of regulations.
Personal information protection and management guidelines have been reviewed/amended.
  • Implemented the 2017 personal information protection and management program in order to confirm the tasks and schedules regarding personal information protection for the year.
Created the annual plan.
  • Performed personal information protection related tasks based on the process "plan - do - check - act".
Completed the tasks according to the annual plan.
Continued to Obtain International Information Security Certification
  • Continued to renew ISO27001 information security management system certification.
Passed ongoing inspections.
Prevented Hacker Attacks and Unauthorized Leaks
  • Effectively discovered irregularities in information security by big data analytics and submitted findings to the responsible units to facilitate prompt response.
  • Introduced the IT security management platforms and defense systems against advanced persistent threats (APT).
  • A designated unit for IT security was established and the IT security units of Fubon Financial Holding and subsidiaries have worked together to strengthen joint IT security defense.
Continually analyzed and handled IT security incidents and actively blocked abnormal connection and suspicious E-mails to reduce the risks of hacker attack and data leakage.
  • Establishing an Internet malware protection system as well as a joint defense mechanism with the Internet service providers against DDoS attacks.
Completed testing.

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