Helping Customers Go Sustainable

Fubon Financial Holdings has responded to international sustainable finance trends by setting credit, investment, and insurance guidelines that are inclusive and promote sustainability risk awareness to help businesses operate more sustainably. It has adopted the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures) recommended framework to strengthen the integration of climate change considerations into product risk management systems and improved the Company’s resilience to climate risks.

Fubon Financial Holdings aggressively pursues cooperation with academia and the public sector and vendors from other sectors. By developing post-disaster restoration and loss control services, crop insurance products, and green energy and eco-friendly car insurance, it helps people be better prepared for natural disasters, raise awareness of climate change risk, and strengthen social resilience to disasters.

Fubon Financial Holdings also adopts a sustainability mindset in our internal operations to achieve sustainable development. To achieve energy conservation and carbon reduction, it stipulates science-based carbon reduction goal, and commits to reduce GHG emission; continues to promote environmental management to enhance energy efficiency, support the development of green energy and enhance green purchasing year by year.

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