Becoming a Low-Carbon Enterprise

Fubon Financial Holdings and its people are committed to creating a low carbon enterprise. Several environmental protection activities are undertaken internally and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced through carbon-cutting measures. Externally, Fubon has aligned itself with the government’s environmental and energy-saving policies, including procuring green energy beginning in 2014. The emergence of a green power pricing system is an important step in promoting renewable energy sources, and Fubon purchased more green power than all but one company in Taiwan last year. It also continued its strong support for green purchasing.These concerted efforts earned Fubon a “Golden Energy Saving Award” and “Commercial Building Energy-saving Label” honors from the Taipei City government.

Risk derived from climate change, meanwhile, has begun to affect the operations of private companies, creating investment risks and affecting investment returns. To counter this growing risk, global institutional investors established the “Carbon Disclosure Project,” which invites companies to fill in questionnaires every year to see if they are incorporating climate change issues into their business and investment strategies. Fubon Financial Holdings received a score of 89B for its CDP questionnaire in 2014, the highest in Taiwan’s financial services sector. The score reflected both the Company’s intent to face up to the impact of climate change and raise awareness of climate risk as well as its hope of reducing greenhouse gas emissions through multiple carbon reduction measures.

Making Fubon a Low Carbon Company

  • (1) Elevator Use

  • (2) Air conditioning Use

  • (3) Lighting Use

  • (4) Water Resource Management

Greenhouse Gas Inventory