Fubon Securities

Pursuing Financial Digitization to Create an Eco-friendly World

Fubon Securities has moved aggressively to digitize its financial services. Through the initiative, the company has simplified its processes, reduced paper use, conserved energy and used the internet to do business, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint and environmentally responsible practices typical of a good corporate citizen.

Fubon Securities encourages customers to use the environmentally friendly e-trading platform and dramatically reduce the time and fuel wasted by traveling to and from retail trading locations by offering a 40% discount on trades made on the platform. Customers are also invited to join the Fubon Securities “M+VIP” Mobile Innovative Services Platform, and internal contests are regularly organized to get employees and customers to embrace a low-carbon, green lifestyle.

In November 2015, Fubon Securities launched an “Fubon Securities Online Account Opening” mobile app that enables customers to open accounts online anytime, saving them the trouble of having to make a trip to a Fubon Securities outlet. By simplifying account opening procedures and extending the reach of mobile functions, the new service has brought unprecedented convenience to customers, improved efficiency and dramatically reduced the use of paper.

Fubon Securities “M+VIP” mobile innovative services platform

Real-time enquiry functions 1.Real-time enquiry functions Mobile services area makes managing money more convenient than ever2.Mobile services area makes managing money more convenient than ever Diversified, value-added services and information3.Diversified, value-added services and information

Fubon Secures “Online Account Opening” app

Real-time enquiry functions Mobile services area makes managing money more convenient than ever
Customers can open accounts without having to leave home or visit a branch

The company has also made a concerted effort to expand acceptance of e-billing. Fubon Securities and Fubon Futures currently offer nine categories of e-billing services, and 178,408 customers had subscribed to the services as of the end of 2015. This use of electronic bills helps save an estimated 1.67 million kilograms of carbon emission equivalents, based on savings of 393,346 kilograms of paper. (According to the Carbon Footprint Calculation Platform of Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration, plain copying paper made from virgin fibers has a carbon footprint value of 4.24 kg CO2e/kg.)

A Convenient E-trading System Platform with Wide Coverage

Fubon Securities has developed a cutting-edge electronic trading platform that offers tremendous diversity and convenience. Customers can access it at any time with their PC, smartphone or tablet to stay on top of market information and movements in real time, place trade orders and receive return messages.

In 2015, 54.17% of all trades brokered by the company were made online, not only considerably higher than the 43.95% averaged by the market as a whole but also 13.35% higher than in 2014, according to Taiwan stock exchange statistics. The figures again reflected the company’s successful long-term efforts to develop digital finance and its commitment to widening its penetration rate.

In September 2013, Fubon Securities teamed up with Taiwan Mobile to create the Fubon Securities “M+VIP” Mobile InnovativeServices Platform as a way to deliver to customers paper-free mobile value-added financial services. As of the end of 2015, the “M+VIP” platform had 59,071 members, of which 37,842 were active. Each active member averaged NT$1.71 million in trading turnover per month in 2015, an indication of how strongly customers have embraced Fubon Securities’ digital services.