Fubon Life

The government’s campaign to raise environmental awareness and reduce the use of paper and the global trend toward digitization have fueled Fubon Life’s commitment to developing and promoting digital services. The digital services platform is replacing the traditional paper-driven model to provide policyholders secure, precise, convenient and timely services.

Summary of Mobile Services

2014 2015
Total customers (active no. of insured) 3,891,476 4,058,219
No. of customers using e-statements (Note 1) 25,359 28,857
No. of members who applied for online services (Note 2) 401,350 428,988
No. of members who applied for online transactions 169,321 184,610

Note 1: Refers to policyholders.
Note 2: Refers to the total number of policyholders who used the “Internet e-Convenience” special members section to check various types of insurance information.