FinTech Office

Following the global financial crisis in the late 2000s, advanced technology products and applications led many non-financial players to jump into the financial services field, hastening the arrival of the digital finance era. Eventually, financial regulators set up a FinTech Office to support the trend toward digial innovation. Given the above developments, the Fubon Group’s broad range of banking, securities and life and general insurance services, the Fubon Financial Holdings FinTech Office was established in December 2015.

In the initial stage, the office surveyed domestic and international FinTech applications and reviewed domestic banking laws before beginning to research people-oriented services. Adopting “TechFin” as a starting point, it is also consolidating the Fubon Group’s digital competencies and transformed the capabilities of the Group and its employees, hoping to turn Fubon into a benchmark in the FinTech field.

In the future, the Office will work with leading academic institutions, research institutions and startup companies to offer more wide-ranging and innovative FinTech applications. In making these applications part of people’s daily lives, the Office hopes to create a convenient, safe and reliable financial services environment.


Taipei Fubon Bank

Taiwan’s Financial Supervisory Commission has promoted a plan to create a digital banking environment called “Bank 3.0.” Taipei Fubon Bank has responded to that plan by stepping up the digitization of its services and introducing more convenient green banking services...more

Fubon Life

The government’s campaign to raise environmental awareness and reduce the use of paper and the global trend toward digitization have fueled Fubon Life’s commitment to developing and promoting digital services. The digital services platform is replacing the traditional paper-driven model to provide policyholders secure, precise, convenient and timely services...more

Fubon Insurance

In 2014, Fubon Insurance became the first general insurer to receive regulatory approval to offer insurance coverage online, and it continues to bring customers convenient, professional and innovative digital services. Beyond adding new online insurance products and developing coverage calculators, the company has also focused on automating internal systems so that once a customer submits an online insurance application, it is processed and a policy is issued automatically. This saves a substantial amount of time compared with approving and issuing policies manually...more

Fubon Securities

Fubon Securities has moved aggressively to digitize its financial services. Through the initiative, the company has simplified its processes, reduced paper use, conserved energy and used the internet to do business, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint and environmentally responsible practices typical of a good corporate citizen...more