Taking on Climate Change

Taiwan’s First Crop Insurance, Double Layer Protection

In September 2015, Fubon Insurance offered Taiwan’s first crop insurance after discussing it with the Cabinet-level Council of Agriculture. The insurance plan combined with government subsidies gives farmers double-layered protection against financial losses from natural disasters, and is a tangible expression of Fubon’s corporate social responsibility...more

Aquaculture Insurance, Supporting Taiwan’s Aquaculture Development

Climate change has increased the frequency of extreme weather, leaving Taiwan’s aquaculture businesses even more vulnerable to natural disasters such as typhoons, sudden cold weather and disease. Though the government provides monetary relief, subsidies and low-interest loans to fish farmers to make up for losses they sustain in disasters, the compensation rarely covers the full extent of the damage. Also, subsidies do not apply to incorporated entities...more

Quantitative Management of Disaster Risk

In Lloyd’s of London’s 2015-2025 “City Risk Index,” Taipei ranked as the city most at risk in the world among 301 cities surveyed, in large part because of its vulnerability to risks such as typhoons, earthquakes, market crashes and flooding. Those risks pose a severe threat to economic development and social stability, and natural disasters have become the greatest risk to the sustainable operations of Taiwanese companies...more

Unrivaled Loss Control and Post-disaster Recovery Solutions

Fubon Insurance has long been the leader of Taiwan’s general insurance sector, and its employees are well aware of the important mission and social responsibility they shoulder and the high expectations customers and society have of the company. To provide corporate clients even better services, Fubon Insurance in 1995 became the first domestic insurer to set up a Loss Control Department...more

Helping Customers – and Fubon – Absorb Natural Disaster Risk

Natural disasters threaten not only Fubon’s customers but the Company’s own operations, and steps have been taken to strengthen our operations’ resilience and mitigate natural disaster risk. Fubon Financial Holdings has established “Climate Change Management Principles” that lay out guidelines for subsidiaries’ practices in the areas of environmental protection, carbon reduction, investments and contingency planning...more

Taipei Fubon Bank Green Energy Products

Taipei Fubon Bank has introduced “Green Energy Special Loans” and an “Credit Card Promotion for Energy-Saving Appliances” to give tangible expression to Fubon’s advocacy of environmental sustainability...more