Establishing Workplace Models

Labor Practices and Human Rights

Fubon Financial Holdings continue to establish a culture of equality, tolerance, and open communications, the main results of which includes gender balance in supervisory roles, a number of employees with disabilities that meet the legal employment quota, and a harmonious labor negotiation mechanism.

Action Plans 2018 Results Progress
Foster a Culture Built on Equality, Inclusiveness and Open Communications Women hold more than 55% of all managerial positions. The percentage increased than 2017.
Total of 435 people with disabilities employed, about 1.1% of total workforce. Meet the legal employment quota.
Upon the expiration of their 3-year agreement, Taipei Fubon Bank, Fubon Securities and Fubon Futures negotiated the contents of a new agreement, with union involvement around 38.7%. Increase 3.4% than 2017.

Human Capital Development

  • To meet the demands of rapidly changing financial markets and internal operating and development strategies, we systematically cultivate the professional competencies of our employees and create a diversified learning environment, creating human capital value.
  • Industry-academia cooperation expanded and internship programs aggressively promoted in response to growing trend toward financial technology. To support economically disadvantaged students, a scholarship program to nurture "potential stars" was launched for the first time.
Initiatives 2018 Action Plans Results
Systematically Develop Employee Competencies Held 1,035 classes, with an average satisfaction of 4.7 (with 5 the highest score). Each employee spent an average of 40 hours in training. Number of classes down 6.7% than 2017
56 leadership training classes for managers held, more than 2,900 managers took part; satisfaction averaged a 4.6. Satisfaction the same as in 2017.
Nearly 800 employees have been certified through management trainee programs, and roughly 40% have been promoted to managerial positions. Increased 73 people received management certification than 2017.
More than 250 MAs have been hired, with a retention rate of nearly 60% to date. MA retention rate about the same as in 2017.
More than 740 internal instructors have been developed; they taught more than 4,600 hours of classes in 2018. 109 more internal instructors certified, up nearly 30% compared to 2017.
Senior executives participate in the one-year "National University of Singapore Financial Industry Leadership Training Program". Completed
Create a Diversified Learning Environment Conducive to Self-learning Continued to promote the mobile learning app, resulting in more than 360,000 logins. Continued to promote the mobile learning app, resulting in more than 360,000 logins.
Promote Social Empowerment to Deal with Trends A total of 798 students participated in the training and development program. The number of students in the training and development program has continued to steadily increase.
NT$2 million invested in 40 "potential stars". The number of invested has continued to steadily increase.

Attracting and Retaining People

Fubon Financial Holdings relies on a rational performance management system, fair compensation, and diverse benefits to maintain a stable workforce and motivate talent, and employee engagement surveys are conducted to better understand employee expectations and help us get better. At the same time, we invest aggressively in recruiting to attract young talent with potential and experienced professionals. The goal is to build a stable pool of talent internally and have new blood from the outside inject innovative energy and forward momentum into the organization.

Initiatives 2018 Action Plans Results
Forge a Stable and Stimulating Environment Conducive to Retaining Talent Average compensation of per nonmanagerial full-time employee was NT$1,252,000. Average compensation of per nonmanagerial full-time employee rose by 4.6 % compared to 2017.
A total of 19,790 employees at the middle management level and below currently participate in Fubon's employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), accounting for nearly 90% of eligible personnel. More than 80% number of the employees in the stock ownership have been participated in it for more than 3 years.
Implement "employee opinion surveys" to understand the improvement of employee commitment to the Company. The survey reached a coverage rate of 70%, with an overall engagement score of 75 points.
Use Digital Technology to Create a Good Brand Image and Attract Talent Held two major campus recruiting activities and relied on social networking sites to attract 1,622 people, or 10.8% of total employees. Achieved nearly 70% of our recruiting goal.

Occupational Health and Safety

Fubon Financial Holdings continues to promote various programs to promote workplace health and safety. The Company encourages its staff to engage in various social issues such as charity, environmental protection, climate change, and food safety in order to create a workplace environment that balances work and life. A 2018 survey of all members of staff showed that Fubon Financial Holdings’ employee commitment in terms of "health and welfare" outperformed other financial industries in the Asia Pacific region. In addition, compared to 2015, employees identified highly with the statement "The Company provides events and plans related to mental and physical health, encouraging me to choose a healthier way of life." This shows that the Company's investment in workplace environmental health and safety is deeply felt by the staff.

Initiatives 2018 Action Plans Results
Foster a Healthy and Safe Workplace The Company provides paid maternity leave, maternity benefits, and childcare subsidies which exceed legal requirements. Roughly 2,600 people applied for subsidies. NT$11,346,000 was invested.
Fubon employees gave birth to 448 babies in 2018, equal to a crude birth rate of 29.9 per 1,000 people. Birth rate much higher than Taiwan’s 7.7 per 1,000.
Created the brand new "Wellness Cafeterias", featuring an improved dining atmosphere and better ingredients. Opened in two major office buildings in 2018. The daily number of diners increased by 50% compared to 2017.
Implemented the "Plan to Prevent Unlawful Harassment in the workplace" and the "Ergonomic Hazards Prevention Program". Fubon initiated in 2018.
Foster a Healthy Work-life Balance Employees applied for volunteer leave 490 times. The number of applications declined 5.6 % from a year earlier.

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