Achieving Low Carbon Emissions

Fubon Financial Holdings established the "Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee" under the Fubon FHC board of directors to help the Company promote sustainable development activities. The Environmental Sustainability Team is primarily tasked with handling matters relating to the following: low-carbon enterprise, green purchasing, and sustainable environment management.

GHG Inventory Certification

Action Plans 2017 Results Progress
  • Expanded the Scope of Environmental Data Collection.
  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory Coverage Rate 100%
The data coverage up to 100% of environmental data collection. Expanded coverage to 100%.
Completed GHG Inventory certification for all branch units of Fubon's four major subsidiaries in 2017. Completed

Environmental Management System Certification

Action Plans 2017 Results Progress
EMS Certification Incorporated ISO 14001 EMS guidelines into the operations of Fubon Financial Holdings and obtained certification. Completed
Environmental Office Competition A.Quarterly environmental office competitions and annual business unit energy conservation competitions enable Fubon employees to incorporate habits into their daily routines that help conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions.

B.Quarterly environmental office competitions and annual business unit energy conservation competitions enable Fubon employees to incorporate habits into their daily routines that help conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions.

Increasing Energy Management Performance

Action Plans 2017 Results Progress
  • Continue to promote energy management, energy-saving through automation.
  • Installation of LED light fixtures at company locations.
Reduced energy consumption by 10.11% at the main office buildings of Fubon FHC. Completed
ISO50001 Energy Management System certification Incorporated the Energy Management System at Fubon FHC and Fubon Insurance. Completed

Support Green Energy Policies

Action Plans 2017 Results Progress
Purchase green energy Purchased a total of 1.96 million kWh of green power in 2017. Completed
Installed solar panels at the Pingtung Fubon Insurance Building Finished connecting the Pingtung Fubon Insurance Building's solar power generator to the Taipower electrical grid. Completed

Green Building Operations

Fubon Financial Holdings has continued to take steps to promote energy management and digital technologies which save energy, and environmental training and energy-saving competitions enable all Fubon employees to jointly participate in the Company's energy conservation program and incorporate eco-friendly habits into their daily routines. Our energy conservation measures include the following:

1.Elevator Use 2.Air Conditioning Use 3.Lighting Use
4.Reduced plastic use through the "Say No to PET Water Bottles" campaign and removed plastic water cups from the list of procurable items in the Company's purchasing system. 5.Purchased energy-saving products which feature government-approved environmental labels. 6.Other measures.

"Green Values" in Financial Services

Subsidiary Action Plans 2017 Results Progress
Taipei Fubon Bank
  • Mobile payment services.
  • Web/mobile insurance application platform.
  • Online applications for financial products.
  • Paperless services in the form of e-statements.
  • Promote paperless meetings and video conferencing.
  • Launched digital platform services.
  • Continued to promote e-billing services.
  • Promoted the use of tablet PCs and notebook computers to view reports during meetings.
  • Promoted video conferencing.
  • Realized green values via paperless payment services and paperless applications for financial products.
  • Continued to respond to eco-friendly trends through our paperless initiatives to fulfill our social responsibility as a green enterprise.
  • Sent out a total of 18.68 million e-statements and will continue to expand this service.
Fubon Life e-Policies and e-Notifications
  • Organized promotional events to get customers to sign up for e-policies and e-notifications.
  • Arranged extra rewards for personnel who promote e-notifications in new contract applications.
  • In August 2017, added the ability for customers who only have a mobile phone number to apply for e-policies and e-notifications.
  • Ramped up promotions of e-policies and e-notifications on the official website and in new policy contracts.
  • Total number of insurance applications: 56,657.
  • Total number of life insurance policies: 25,951.
  • Total number of travel insurance policies: 30,706.
  • In 2017, e-policy applications saved about 695,436 sheets of paper resulting in a reduction of about 15,049 kg in carbon emissions.

  • Effectiveness of Application Promotions
Year 2016 2017
Targeted Number of Policyholder Applications 180,000 160,000
Actual Number of Policyholder Applications 205,747 162,594
Achievement Rate Target 114.30% 101.62%

  • Effectiveness of Promoting Applications at Branch Locations
Year 2016 2017
Applications 15,116 28,488

  • In 2017, e-notifications applications reduced about 33,212 kg in carbon emissions.
Promote Paperless Services at Fubon Life by Sending e-statements to Existing Mortgage Customers In 2015, Fubon Life began streamlining monthly bills sent to existing mortgage customers and also offered e-billing services in order to reduce the Company's usage of paper. At the end of December 2017, paperless e-statements accounted for 53.2% of all statements issued to borrowers, an increase of 15.7% over 2016.
Fubon Insurance Increase the Proportion of e-transactions Provided a wider range of digital payment systems to make it easier for customers to pay their bills. Aside from traditional paper bills, other payment methods include QR Code and Mobile Wallet.The function of automatic payment from financial accounts is added.
Continued to promote the use of e-policies to reduce consumption of paper and printer ink. Issued more than 1,030,000
Fubon Securities Promote Paperless Services
  • Encouraged customers to use e-trading services.
  • Steadily Promote“Fubon Securities Online Account Opening” mobile app.
  • Dedicated to promote the paperless services.
  • Provided customers with paperless mobile value-added financial services.
In 2017, a total of nearly 240,000 customers subscribed to e-billing services, resulting in an annual reduction of approximately 3,263,124 kg in carbon emissions.

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