Taipei Fubon Bank Charity Foundation

The Taipei Fubon Bank Charity Foundation has been dedicated to helping and mobilizing support for the socially disadvantaged since it was founded in 2003, actively caring for the elderly, people with disabilities, and the economically underprivileged and backing other related social welfare activities.

Caring for the Health of the Elderly

Day Care Center Network

The Foundation has long been an advocate of healthy aging in local communities. An initiative was launched in 2005 as part of the Foundation’s healthy aging agenda to create a network of centers to provide day care to senior citizens in the neighborhoods where they live.

‘Happy Train’ Program

In Taiwan’s rapidly aging society, the Foundation has made a special effort to encourage senior citizens to participate in social activities, giving them a chance to relax and broaden their horizons while retarding the aging process. Every year since 2007 on the “Double Ninth Festival”– the ninth day of the ninth lunar month when seniors are traditionally honored in Taiwan – the highly anticipated “Happy Train” for seniors in Taipei Fubon Bank day care centers goes into motion.

‘Giving Family Caregivers a Breather’ Program

Responding to the growing challenge of elderly care, the Foundation set up the “Giving Family Caregivers a Breather” program in 2008 to give caregivers the knowledge and support they need to maintain their health and take even better care of their family members.‘Supporting Family Caregivers Program’was held to support those who look afterelderly family members with dementia and give them tools to cope withthe rise of the affliction’s prevalence in Taiwan.

Artistic Achievement Awards for the Disabled

The Taipei Fubon Bank Charity Foundation launched the “Artistic Achievement Awards for the Disabled” to uncover the amazing talents of peoplewith disabilities and give society the chance to appreciate their compelling stories. Beyond the incentive of winning an award, the project givesthe participants opportunities for positive exposure through performances and exhibitions, forms of participation that the Foundation believesstrengthens the artists’ self-confidence and earns their artistic potential greater praise and recognition from society.

Helping the Underprivileged Escape Poverty

Poverty-busting Savings Plan

Since 2003, the Foundation, with the backing of the Fubon Group’s financial expertise, has collaborated with local governments to create savingsplans designed to help second-generation members of low-income families escape poverty. The plan helps participants accumulate tangible andintangible assets, in part through seminars on investing and managing money, and the Fubon employees who lead the seminars also strengthentheir professional capabilities through the experience.

1919 Go Exercise – Fubon Emergency Household Relief Plan

One of the Foundation’s main initiatives since 2005 has been the “1919 Go Exercise – Fubon Emergency Household Relief Plan.” Run in collaborationwith the Chinese Christian Relief Association (CCRS), the program provides immediate emergency assistance to 1,000 families a year that havefallen on hard times because of unforeseen circumstances.

Supporting NGOs

In the five years since the “Love Wristband” campaign was launched with the Federation for the Welfare of the Elderly in 2010, the Foundation has distributed 3,000 wristbands and funded search services to protect individuals at risk of losing their way when on their own.

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