Fubon Cultural & Educational Foundation

Since its establishment in 1990, the Fubon Cultural & Education Foundation has offered teenagers a place where they can strengthen their competitiveness and fully harness their potential. It has also developed comprehensive learning strategies that embrace innovation and change in response to social trends and provided guidance and mentoring in preparing Taiwan’s youth to make their mark internationally. Ultimately, the Foundation hopes to supplement those areas that schools cannot or do not have time to approach.

The main priorities for the Foundation in 2014 were its “Young Voice Campaign,” “Parent-Child Education,”“Financial Literacy Education,”and “Community Education.”

Young Voice Campaign

In 2014, the Foundation held seven workshops for teenagers and classes for an alliance of high school and vocational school media clubs that gave students the chance to express themselves creatively. The workshops, which include poetry writing, narrative poetry, film making, creative imaging, and creative leadership, as well asa summer film festival consisting of students’works, helped the students to strengthen their narrative logic, find their own original voices and take the initiative to show interest in public issues.

The Young Voice Super Festival featured Young Voice award-winning photos and videos from 2009 to 2012 and other fine works from the Young Voice workshops in past years. They were exhibited at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park in Taipei and the Pier-2 Art Center in Kaohsiung, and several workshops were held in conjunction with the shows. The young artists had the chance to share their works with their peers and adults, creating an opportunity for dialogue between generations. Total number of visits at the two exhibitions was 36,000.

Parent-Child Education

The popular radio show “Let’s Talk about Media” produced by BCC Pop Network is an important platform for parent-child education. It was nominated in 2014 for two Golden Bell awards –“Best Variety Show Host” and “Best Youth Program.” In December 2013, the “Let’s Talk about Media” video channel (www.fbwebshow.com) made its debut, combining the strengths of radio broadcasting and the Internet to air program highlights on television. The channel, which has brought a new visual dimension to the show and made it more interactive, was watched by more than 3 million people in its first year online. Topics covered include parent-child relationships, male-female relationships, money management, healthy living, and entertainment news.

Financial Education

A firm believer in the principle that financial education is an extension of life education, the Fubon Cultural & Educational Foundation decided to make use of the Fubon Group’s core competencies and give back to society by initiating aprogram to improve financial literacy of young people in Taiwan. With the help of Taipei Fubon Bank, the Foundation created a complete package of teaching materials and a system for training instructors before launching the “Budding Tycoon Outreach Program” in September 2012. Under the initiative, Taipei Fubon Bank executives serve as instructors. Equipped with booklets with tips on how to handle money and the “Legend of the Fubon Brave Fighters” animated series, they visit schools in non-urban areas to get students to think about money-related values and help them understand money-related concepts while also driving home the importance of cherishing such intangible assets as family, friends and confidence.

In 2014, Fubon Financial Holdings President Vivien Hsu and Taipei Fubon Bank Executive Vice President Morris Huang each took a turn as an instructor. They reminded students to get into the habit of taking responsibility and helped them understand the concept of “purchasing power parity,” broadening their international outlook from a financial perspective. The program toured 54 schools during the year and benefited a total of 7,000 people. It also encouraged students to participate in an essay contest on the topic of “I’m a Good Custodian of Money” to internalize what they learned. A total of 1,186 entries were submitted. The essays provided a clear view of how much the students learned and the effectiveness of the instruction they received.

Community Education

The Foundation’s “Mobile Library Reading Project” is built around a converted cargo truck that carries a wide array of reading materials into aboriginal villages in remote parts of Taiwan to supplement elementary school reading activities. Fubon volunteers who accompany the library on wheels read to and act out stories for youngsters to help open new reading horizons.By the end of 2014, the program had visited more than 50 remote villages and 170 elementary schools.

An “After-school Tutoring” program was launched in 1995 to help building learning centers in remote aboriginal villages and assist children in relatively poor learning environments. By tutoring and reading to children, the initiative has helped them develop better study habits and improve competitiveness.

The “Traveling Volunteers Program” is for those who travel with a spirit of exploration and have an interest in volunteer service. During their three-week missions, volunteers tutor young children after school, care for village elders, and help aboriginal villages with their development projects.

For more information, please visit:http://www.fubonedu.org.tw/