Fubon Charity Foundation

Fubon Volunteer Association Activities

The Fubon has always seen itself as “social catalyst” in which every employee is a member of the “Fubon Volunteer Association.” The practiceof top business group executives leading their colleagues in serving and caring for society and engaging in charitable activities has long beenan intrinsic part of the Fubon corporate culture.

Since being founded in 2003, the FubonVolunteer Association has set up 22 branchesand sub-branches in 17 cities and countiesaround Taiwan, and the presidents of Fubon’ssubsidiaries personally lead the volunteerbranches. The association leverages FubonFinancial Holdings’ core competencies to offerdiversified and comprehensive services.

Blood Drives

The association held a major blood driveduring the summer at 26 locations aroundTaiwan that collected a total of 4,397 bags, or1.10 million cc, of blood. The activity earnedFubon the honor of being named an“Outstanding Blood Donating Organization” forthe sixth consecutive year by the Taiwan BloodServices Foundation.

Fubon Public Welfare Ambassador Campaign

The “Fubon Public Welfare Ambassador”campaign was conceived to encourage Fubonemployees to participate in public welfareactivities and put Fubon’s corporate socialresponsibility into action. In 2014, 50 proposalswere approved. Each project was eligible forup to NT$200,000 in funding, and a total ofNT$3 million in grants were distributed to supporta wide range of NGO activities and services.

Branch Activities

Volunteers are encouraged to connect withtheir communities and get involved in branchactivities that provide services locally. In2014, branch activities focused on three majorthemes: Ifkids Theatre tour of remote areas;public welfare ambassador donations to needypeople; and trips by students from remoteareas to cities to broaden their horizons. Eachbranch selected the theme it would promoteand planned and ran the related event.

Volunteer Day

In 2014, the Fubon Group designated Aprilas “Fubon Volunteer Month” to encourage allFubon employees to volunteer and put thespirit of philanthropy into practice. In the first“Fubon Volunteer Month,” a major “VolunteerDay” activity was organized in both northernand southern Taiwan. Students receivingassistance under the “Making Friends withLove” campaign and underprivilegedyoungsters supported by other social groupswere a central part of the festivities. About 780students were invited to the two gatherings, and965 Fubon volunteers hung out with them.

Supporting Fubon Group Charitable Activities

The Fubon Volunteer Association occasionallysupports other charitable activities organized bythe Fubon Group. Among them:

  • Special gatherings for the Fubon Charity Foundation’s “Making Friends with Love”campaign, drawing the participation of 83Fubon volunteers.
  • The Taipei Fubon Bank Charity Foundation’s “1919 Go Exercise” bicycle tour of Taiwanin which sixFubon volunteers joined in theevent.

TheFoundation fully intends to remain on the frontlines of public service in the future, bringinglove and caring to wherever it’s neededthroughout society.

For more information, please visit:http://www.fuboncharity.org.tw/chinese/