Fubon Art Foundation

Since its inception in 1997, the Fubon Art Foundation has remained loyal to its original inspiration of “sharing” in pursuing its founding mission of sponsoring and promoting art, making art education a reality and elevating the quality of culture in Taiwan. Through the many cultural and artistic lectures, exhibitions, performances, activities, seminars and research it supports and its diverse publications, the Foundation brings the latest trends and concepts in culture, contemporary thought and aesthetics to society. It also rewards and nurtures young artists who show potential and organizes international cultural and artistic exchanges.

Very Fun Park Contemporary Art Exhibition in Eastern Taipei

The “Very Fun Park” exhibition has been a fixture in eastern Taipei for the past nine years, pioneering a “museum without walls” concept that showcases the diversity of contemporary art by displaying installation art, sculptures, paintings and techno-art in plain view on busy city streets. In 2014, the event’s catchphrase “Embrace” was chosen to encourage positive living. The main exhibition venue was shifted from the high-traffic intersection of Zhongxiao E. Rd. and Dun Hua S. Rd. to 20 locations along Lane 553 of Zhongxiao E. Rd, Section 4, and the adjacent Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, with a total of 73 works on display.

As always, the wall-less museum exhibition had an infectious appeal that enabled people to interact with each other and with the works of art. In welcoming the challenge to stage the exhibition with open arms, the Foundation explored anew the city’s historical relics and green spaces from an international perspective and “embraced” a better life.

Fubon Forum

Fubon Forum “Fubon Forum” activities have attracted more than 100,000 members and 685 prominent speakers during the initiative’s 14-year run, and over 170,000 people have attended nearly 1,700 Fubon Forum life aesthetics classes and events. In 2014, 26 free lectures and 46 fee-based classes were held.

The large-scale free events, billed as “Master Lectures,” once again demonstrated the Foundation’s concern for Taiwan’s cultural and creative environment and aspired to broaden audiences’ international perspectives with the help of leading personalities from several fields. Among the highly acclaimed international masters invited to speak were Chinese director JiaZhangke, Chinese contemporary artist Xu Bing, Japanese architect KengoKuma. Among the Taiwanese speakers were Taipei Cultural Affairs Commissioner Ni Chung-Hwa, celebrity Chen Cheng-Chuan, JL Design founder Johnason Lo, celebrity Mickey Huang, illustrator and writer Jimmy Liao.

The Fubon Forums now represent as a “must stop” for leaders in their fields from around the world and serve as a rich and diversified knowledge platform.

Fun Art Radio

The Foundation has also maintained its exclusive sponsorship of the UFO Radio show “Fun Art Radio” to promote and enhance society’s appreciation for art. The show covers a wide array of art-related themes, and in 2014, the producersput particular emphasis on bringing listeners a wide variety of topics relevant to their lifestyles. The program’s guests represented a veritable smorgasbord of interests, from artistic creation, writing, photography, and fashion to film, music, culture and creativity, museum/curation, exhibitions, architecture and the performing arts.

Art Map

Another of the Foundation’s major undertakings has been the “Art Map,” a guide on lifestyles in upscale eastern Taipei that was published quarterly through 2013. Each issue highlighted a theme covering the area’s historical development, popular culture or unique shops and featured a one-of-a-kind map of the neighborhood. Over its five-year run, the Art Map covered over 1,000 shops and attractions, creating an unrivaled store of information on the cultural and creative pulse of the eastern part of the city.

In 2014, the Foundation decided to revamp the Art Map and turn it into a travel-oriented guide called “Mapper” that combines useful maps and exclusive reports. The Art Map’s icon, the Art Map “matchmaker,” has been recast as a guide helping people navigate eastern Taipei.

For more information, please visit:http://www.fubonart.org.tw/

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