Fubon ESG Visioning Project

The financial sector has a critical role to play in meeting zero-carbon goals. Leveraging the power of capital markets to accelerate the shift toward low carbon practices will help achieve the common goal of mitigating global warming.

At this critical juncture, corporate accountability has never been a higher priority, and Fubon Financial Holdings has introduced a new Fubon Sustainability Vision Blueprint that focuses on four ESG strategies – decarbonization, digitalization, empowerment and connection – and sets goals for 2025. The blueprint reflects Fubon’s determination to fulfill its commitment to sustainable practices.

  • 永續願景工程 Help Customers Go Sustainable

    Fubon Financial Holdings uses sustainable finance-related investments, loans, products and specialized services to help customers go sustainable, and to help customers elevate their ESG performance and build a low-carbon operating model.

  • 永續願景工程 Foster a Friendly, Healthy Workplace

    Fubon Financial Holdings creates a diverse environment where people are treated with respect and communications are harmonious; continues to push talent development, attraction and retention plans; and forges a health and safe workplace.

  • 永續願景工程 Provide the Best Financial Services

    In response to social needs, Fubon Financial Holdings uses FinTech to provide the best innovative services and experiences to reduce operational impact on the environment, and to satisfy customers’ diverse investment, wealth management and insurance needs based on the principle of matching the most appropriate product to those needs.

  • 永續願景工程 Connect Society’s Positive Forces

    Fubon Financial Holdings uses its four foundations and subsidiaries as a multifaceted philanthropic Platform to connect society’s positive forces to bring change to society and build influence.