Environmental Sustainability

Promoting Environmental Sustainability


Among the six strategies stipulated in the Fubon ESG Visioning Project, the environmental sustainability strategy encompasses a series of action plans that echo four UN’s sustainable development goals. Our endeavors include continuously supporting the government’s environmental policies of energy conservation and carbon reduction and engaging in international carbon disclosure projects (CDP). Fubon is also committed to the adoption of science-based targets (SBT) in carbon reduction.

Formation of Specialized Teams

The ESG Task Force is established under Fubon Financial Holdings’ Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee. Under the Environmental Sustainability Team of the task force, the Company’s General Administrative Division is in charge of low-carbon operation, renewable energy development, green purchasing, sustainable supplier management, etc. Head of the General Administrative Division appointed as the leader of the Environmental Sustainability Team is responsible for summarizing various projects and implementation status in that respect. The team shall report their findings to the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee and ESG Task Force, as well as the board of directors twice a year.

Stipulation and Implementation of Management Policies

Fubon Financial Holdings has stipulated the Fubon Financial Holdings Climate Change Management Guideline which governs the Company’s actions to achieve environmental sustainability. The scopes of the guideline encompasses various aspects including environmental protection and energy conservation measures, the reduction of GHG emissions, and green financing. Actions taken are as follows.