Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

Reducing GHG Emissions

Since 2012, Fubon Financial Holdings has continued to expand the scope of ISO 14064-1 GHG emissions inspections on the main office buildings of Fubon Financial Holdings to include all branch units of the Company’s subsidiaries. Since 2017, our inspection coverage has reached 100%. Through making GHG emission inventories, we are able to precisely calculate the actual emissions. At the end of 2016, with specific goals already in place for GHG emission reduction, Fubon has also promised to introduce science-based targets (SBT) into our projects in response to the global trend. It is our endeavor to deliver Fubon’s environmental protection and low-carbon commitments. However, the governing body of the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi) announced that it is currently working on a methodology to measure and address to the Scope 3 emissions from investment and loan activities. We intend to disclose our commitments to emission reduction as a member of the financing industry after SBTi announces a finalized measurement method in 2020. Hence, the carbon reduction target of Fubon Financial Holdings is scheduled to be available for review by 2021.

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Establishing Low-Carbon and Eco-Friendly Environments

The Fubon Financial Holdings Climate Change Management Guideline comprises the primary set of environmental policies that govern the Company's actions in achieving environmental sustainability. Principals and regulations are laid out in various aspects including GHG inventories and carbon emission reduction, the implementation of waste sorting to increase recycling and reuse, the promotion of green purchasing, purchasing green power, establishing solar power systems, etc.

Action Plan Implementation Result in 2019
Adopt ISO 14001 environmental management system
  • Fubon Financial Holdings and its subsidiaries including Fubon Insurance, Fubon Life, Taipei Fubon Bank, and Fubon Securities have obtained the ISO certification.
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Enhancing Energy Management Performance

Introduction of ISO 50001 Energy Management System

In 2017, Fubon Financial Holdings and its subsidiary, Fubon Insurance adopted the ISO 50001 Energy Management System and received certification. In 2018, the rest of Fubon's subsidiaries including Taipei Fubon Bank, Fubon Life, and Fubon Securities also adopted the system and received certifications in 2019. Fubon Financial Holdings and Taipei Fubon Bank were awarded the Highest Distinction and Excellence Award of the Taipei Energy Conservation Leadership Awards in Business and Industry Group A. Fubon Financial Holdings has also received an honorable award issued by the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs for the significant results of energy conservation from 2016 to 2018 as a company that pledges to voluntarily conserve energy. In 2019, Fubon Life was awarded a bronze medal in the first National Enterprise Environmental Protection Awards by Director Chang Tzi-Chin of the Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan, and was arranged to receive the honor at the Presidential Office Building.

Fubon Financial Holdings complies with energy policies and enacts measures accordingly. Target-oriented monitoring and energy conservation measures are adopted as well to actively help Fubon’s subsidiaries enhance energy performance. Our primary action plans and implementation results are as follows.

Action Plans Implementation Results in 2019
Install Energy-Efficient Lights
  • In 2019, Fubon continues to replace old lighting in the cafeteria of Fubon IT Building, the gym in Fubon Life Building, Fubon Financial Building, and branch units across Taiwan. A total of 6,071 energy-saving lights were installed, contributing to a reduction of 423,668 kg CO2e. (See detailed carbon reduction results of installing energy-saving lights over the past four years in Appendix 9.4.6.)
Replace Air Conditioning Equipment
  • The old AC system replacement and waterside system efficiency improvement constructions carried out in Taipei Fubon Bank’s Zhongshan Building, as well as the improvement plans scheduled to be carried out in Taipei Fubon Bank’s Beituo Building, will contribute to an estimated 201,048 kg CO2e reduction per year.
Replace Old Elevators
  • The replacement of 11 old elevators in Taipei Fubon Bank’s Financial Building will be completed by 2021. Meanwhile, the enhanced computer control system and energy conservation facilities added will contribute to an 89,666 kg CO2e reduction per year.
PUE Reduce Data Center Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)
  • Energy conservation measures for data centers enacted in 2019: Seal off unused cabinet spaces and raised floor openings and turn off unnecessary air conditioning. In 2019, data center PUE dropped from 1.81 in 2018 to 1.79. Total energy consumption in 2019 is 10,009,600 kWh, reducing emissions by 23,878 kg CO2e compared to 44,800 kWh in 2018.
  • Stand-alone electric meters are installed in data centers to monitor power usage effectiveness, and cold air aisles sealed off to increase air conditioning performance. By 2020, an estimated 147,801 kg CO2e can be reduced per year.
  • Calculation of the sum of carbon reduction in CO2e resulting from new energy conservation measures enacted in 2019: 423,668+201,048+23,878=648,594 kg
  • Carbon emissions were mainly reduced through the installment of energy-saving lights, replacement of old air conditioning equipment and energy conservation measures enacted in data centers.
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Supporting Investment in Renewable Energy

Echoing global trend in compliance with government policies, as well as fulfilling the Company’s environmental protection commitments, Fubon Financial Holdings continues to support the development of renewable energy. In addition to purchasing green energy from Taiwan Power Company from 2014 to 2017, we have been setting up solar panels since 2016.

Action Plans Implementation Result in 2019
Solar Panels Installed in Response to the Government’s Green Energy Policies
  • Solar panels at Fubon Insurance’s Pingtung Building, Taipei Fubon Bank’s Taipei Zhongshan Building, Fubon Insurance’s Kaohsiung Zhonghua Building, Fubon Life’s Taipei Dunnan Building and Taichung Wenxin Building generated 91,246 kWh of electricity. Taipei Fubon Bank’s Taipei Zhongshan Building acquired 28 Renewable Energy Certificates with a total of 38,237 kWh electricity generated.
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Strengthening Green Operational Management

Action Plans Implementation Results in 2019
Environmental Protection Competition
  • Quarterly office environmental protection competitions were held, and the chief building manager and building manager of the best performing building were openly praised and awarded at the 2019 Fubon Family Sports Day.
  • Energy conservation competitions between business units were held. The top ten groups with the best annual energy-conservation scores were awarded eco-friendly prizes to encourage energy conservation (Prizes equivalent to NT$ 99,000 in value).
Green Purchasing
  • Spending on green purchasing was NT$36,092, a 6.10% increase.
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