Employee Care

Promoting Employee Care


Among the six strategies stipulated in the Fubon ESG Visioning Project, the Employee Care strategy encompasses a series of action plans that echo two UN’s sustainable development goals. Our endeavors include continuously promoting a positive culture based on diversity and equality and building a work environment that values employee development, talent stability, health and safety

Formation of Specialized Teams

The ESG Task Force was established under Fubon Financial Holdings’ Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee in 2015. Under the Employee Care Team of the task force, the Company’s Human Resources Division is in charge of labor relations, talent development, compensation and benefits, and occupational health and safety. A senior manager of the Human Resources Division appointed as team leader is responsible for summarizing various projects and implementation status in that respect. The team shall report its findings to the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee to make sure that all ESG projects are well executed.

Stipulation and Implementation of Management Policies

To effectively promote various projects under Fubon’s employee care strategies, the Human Resources Division is responsible for the attraction, incentivization, cultivation, development, retention, and accumulation of human capital which is essential to the Company’s sustainable development. We also strive to build a company culture based on diversity, equality, and harmonious labor relations. Furthermore, Fubon’s comprehensive talent development program, as well as the fair and incentivizing talent retention mechanism contribute to a brand image that appeal to talents. Along with the establishment of a healthy and safe work environment, Fubon aspires to become a leading enterprise in Asia that provides employees with friendly care.