Establishing Workplace Models

Fostering A Culture Based on Diversity, Equality, and Harmonious Labor Relations

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Initiatives Action Plans Implementation Results in 2019
Promoting Diversity and Equality Conduct Human Rights Risk Assessment (HRRA) and Management.
  • HRRA for all Fubon employees was conducted. Control and mitigation measures based on the specific risk levels identified in the assessment results were implemented subsequently.
Facilitate Gender Equality.
  • Women hold 54.8% of all managerial positions, maintaining balance in gender ratio.
  • Gender pay gap in managerial positions is only 1%. (female to male ratio is 101:100), which is much smaller than the global gender pay gap.
Employ People with Disabilities.
  • 422 people with disabilities were employed, which is 1.1% of the total workforce. The ratio meets the legal requirement.
Freedom of Association Promote Unions and Sign Collective Bargaining Agreements.
  • Union participation rate has reached 42.4%, a 3.7% increase from that of 2018. Fubon subsidiaries including Fubon Securities and Fubon Futures signed a new collective bargaining agreement with the union.
Promote Open Communication through Town Hall Meetings and Fubon HR+ App.
  • Town hall meetings are held irregularly for senior management and employees to communicate on operational strategies and directions.
Conduct Employee Opinion Surveys.
  • The coverage rate in 2018 was 70% with an overall engagement score of 75 points. Fubon remains a leading financial institution in the AsiaPacific region that caters to employee health and well-being.

Note: According to the 2019 Global Wage Report issued by the International Labour Organization (ILO), the global gender pay gap is 20%.

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Human Capital Development

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Initiatives Action Plans Implementation Results in 2019
Employee Development Programs Leadership and Management Skills Training Program for Managers of FHC and Subsidiaries.
  • A total of 2,803 managers participated in the training program, which is 32% of the overall managerial positions and 7% of the Company’s workforce.
NTU Elite Leadership Program.
  • A total of 117 middle managers were trained in the program, yielding 23 workrelated research projects.
Junior Management Associate Certification Program.
  • A total of 800 managers participated in the certification program. 25 additional Fubon employees received certifications in 2019. 46% of them have been promoted to managerial positions.
Management Associate Program.
  • A total of nearly 300 management associates registered. The recruitment conversion rate in 2019 reached 82%, and the overall retention rate was nearly 54%.
Internal Instructor Cultivation Program.
  • A total of over 830 internal instructors were trained. In 2019, 115 employees received certifications. Total training sessions given by Fubon’s internal instructors added up to over 5,100 hours, a nearly 10% increase from that of 2018.
MIT International Talent Cultivation Program.
  • A total of 11 outstanding Fubon employees took training courses at MIT Sloan School of Management.
Diverse and Autonomous Learning Environments Subsidies and Incentives for Various Advance Studies and Certifications.
  • In 2019, a total of 199 employees received subsidies/ incentives for obtaining certificates. Total expenditure: NT$ 5.38 million.
Internal Recruitment.
  • In 2019, the internal recruitment rate was 20.2%.
Digital Learning Platform.
  • Over 260 digital courses were added in 2019. The online learning platform was used nearly 380 thousand times.
Social Empowerment Industry-Academia Cooperative Program.
  • Over 200 managers and employees took part in training nearly 820 students in 2019. Priority was given to outstanding interns to become full-time staff.
Potential Stars Scholarship Program.
  • 40 students were granted the NT$50 thousand scholarship in 2019. The program has helped a total of 140 disadvantaged students with potentials with a total expenditure of NT$7 million.

Note: Recruitment conversion rate= (the number of people registered/ the number of people needed)

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Talent Attraction &Retention

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Initiatives Action Plans Implementation Results in 2019
Promoting A Fair and Incentivizing Talent Retention Mechanism Execute Performance Management.
  • Nearly 100% of Fubon’s entire workforce completed performance evaluation.
Promote Fair Compensation and Diversified Benefits.
  • Non-managerial full-time staff average compensation is NT$1.29 million, a 3.3% growth compared to that of 2018. Median compensation is $1.04 million, a 2.8% growth compared to that of 2018.
  • Under optimized ESOT terms and conditions, a total of 20,008 employees including and under middle managers participated in stock ownership trust, accounting for 89.8% of eligible employees. 73.5% of the employees have had stock ownership for over 3 years.
  • Fubon continued to be selected as a constituent stock of the Taiwan High Compensation 100 Index.
Creating A Good Brand Image to Attract Talent Recruit Talent Using Digital Technology.
  • A total of 1,954 new hires were attracted, reaching a 79.7% annual recruitment rate.
Obtain International Awards.
  • An employee opinion survey was conducted by HR Asia, and Fubon won the Best Companies to Work for in Asia Awards.
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Occupational Health and Safety

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Initiatives Action Plans Implementation Results in 2019
Provide Marriage and Child Care Support Offer a 10-week maternity leave and subsidies for childbirth and child care (NT$10 thousand for first time giving birth, NT$20 thousand for each additional child born) exceeding legal requirements.
  • Over 5,200 applications for subsidies were filed. Total expenditure: over NT26.27 million.
  • Fubon employees gave birth to 890 babies, contributing to a crude birth rate of 22.4 per 1000 people, which is far higher than the 7.5 per 1000 people in Taiwan.
  • Fubon received the Best Initiatives in Diversity and Inclusion Highly Commended recognition awarded by the globally renowned financial magazine, The Asset.
Launch Health and Safety Risk Management and Health Promotion Initiatives Conduct health inspections for all Fubon employees biennially, more frequently than the legal requirement.
  • Inspection rate in 2019 reached 95%
Continue to establish Wellness Cafeterias.
  • Fubon established a third Wellness Cafeteria and purchased organic rice under contractual farming agreements with smallholder farmers.
Continue to establish employee fitness centers.
  • Fubon completed a second fitness center.
Continue to promote four major safety initiatives.
  • The four major safety initiatives are comprehensively executed in Fubon Financial Holdings and its subsidiaries.
Encourage Employee Participation in Social Issues Continue to promote the Fubon EDU program, movie screenings, art and cultural events.
  • A total of 503 applications were submitted for paid charity leave.
  • A total of 23 events were held.
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