Investor Relations

Fubon Financial Holdings has long made investor relations a priority and created an Investor Relations Division to serve domestic and foreign institutional shareholders because of the importance we put on shareholder rights. Beyond its commitment to information transparency and maintaining real-time communications with investors and the market, the division also organizes investor conferences every quarter and participates in seminars and roadshows organized by foreign brokerages to explain Fubon’s operating performance, financial results, strategic development and business direction. Supplementing these public appearances were more than 200 meetings with investors and analysts, and the division also answered more than 650 calls from investors, analysts and shareholders.

As Fubon expands its operations and generates consistently strong results, it continues to spread the spirit of corporate governance within the organization to forge a solid foundation for the Company’s sustainable operations. That includes providing clear information to investors. The company’s website has Chinese and English website pages that enable investors to search and download financial statements, annual reports and important financial information. Investors can also check Fubon’s share price or browse investor conference and shareholder meeting news.

To further solidify communications with investors, Fubon posts earnings announcement on the official website every month and takes the initiative to highlight key aspects of its performance. In addition, notification of important activities and major announcements are issued by e-mail to nearly 1,000 website members, and investors can communicate with the Company by e-mail through the communications channel created for them. The investor relations team refers opinions received to management, which takes them into account when making decisions.

In the second half of 2014, the Company redesigned its Chinese- and English-language Investor Relations web page, resulting in more timely and accurate information disclosure. Total page visits to the two sites rose 30% in 2014 from a year earlier.

Also, because ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues have taken on new importance in financial markets, the Company sent its most recent CSR report to managers of socially responsible investment funds after it was published.

Fubon Financial Holdings has earned widespread recognition and the praise of international investors for its investor relations efforts. In 2014, the Company was honored for “Best Corporate Investor Relations” and “Best CSR” and named one of “Asia’s Best Companies for Corporate Governance” by Corporate Governance Asia.

Fubon will remain committed in the future to improving shareholder value by strengthening its services for domestic and foreign institutional investors and providing the market with accurate, timely and transparent information on its business activities.

2014 Activities 2013 Activities Comparison
More than 200 meetings held with investors and analysts More than 250 meetings held with investors and analysts The number of conference calls with investors and analysts were increased in 2014 to improve timeliness.
The Chinese-language and English-language Investor Relations pages on Fubon’s website received 470,000 visits. The Chinese-language and English-language Investor Relations pages on Fubon’s website received 360,000 visits. The two web pages were redesigned in the second half of 2014, improving the timeliness and accuracy of the information released.
Posted Fubon’s annual CSR report on the Investor Relations web page and sent it to managers of socially responsible investment funds. Posted Fubon’s annual CSR report on the Investor Relations web page; report available to be downloaded Because of the growing importance of ESG issues in the market, efforts to communicate with socially responsible investors were stepped up.