Legal Compliance

Fubon Life

Fubon Life’s contracts for insurance products and services are fair and reasonable, equitable and mutually beneficial and ethical, and the products and services offered exercise the level of attention of a good administrator. The products or services are “trust” or “entrusted” in nature and fulfill their duties faithfully based on applicable laws and regulations or contractual agreements.

Fubon Life makes sure that all of its advertising is accurate and true. It does not allow print and broadcast ads, business solicitation materials and promotional activities that omit important information or contain claims that are false or fraudulent or might otherwise mislead people. Before presenting a customer with a contract for a product or service, Fubon Life develops a solid understanding of the customer and ensures that what is being offered is appropriate for that consumer. Before signing the contract, consumers are fully informed of the main features and potential risks of the product or service being purchased and the main contents of the contract, and they are also informed of their personal information protection rights.