Legal Compliance

Taipei Fubon Bank

Taipei Fubon Bank has established internal guidelines and operating policies for products, channels, credit, risk and service to protect consumers’ rights and interests. Every product agreement, for example, clearly details the management principles and standards applied to the collection, processing and usage of customer information. Co-marketing and management guidelines are in place to ensure that marketing lists of names are protected and checked before and after promotional events. Internal “Rules for Managing the Production and Release of Publicity Materials” have been established to manage the process of preparing and distributing advertisements, business solicitation materials and promotional activities.

Fubon makes sure that all materials released publicly comply with the law, respect regulatory warnings and reminders to protect consumers, and do not contain values or financial concepts that could mislead consumers.

On the institutional credit side, when contracts are signed with clients, attention is paid to complying with consumer protection laws and regulations. Financial product operations all meet regulatory requirements and stay current with new or amended regulations and contractual documents, and clients are clearly informed of measures in place to safeguard their rights and apprised of their rights and obligations when they take on new products or services.

On June 20, 2014, Taipei Fubon Bank received BS10012:2009 PIMS (Personal Information Management System) certification. The standard covers operating procedures, personal information files inventory, risk assessment, personal information management systems, education and training, internal self-audits and management reviews. Beyond instilling an awareness of personal information protection and practices in Fubon’s corporate culture, the management system helps employees gain more detailed knowledge of personal information protection laws and gradually ingrains information management awareness and experience into everyday tasks. It also offers customers a more secure financial services environment.