Shareholder Composition

In accordance with law, Fubon Financial Holdings discloses various information concerning shareholder structure and major shareholders, as presented in the table below:

1. Shareholder Structure (Common Stock), as of April 16, 2019

Shareholder Structure Government Institutions Financial Institutions Other Legal Persons
No. of Persons 11 64 945
Number of Shares Held 1,903,116,462 557,854,698 2,559,206,499
Percentage of Shares Held 18.60 5.45 25.01

Unit: shares; %

Shareholder Structure Individuals Foreign Institutions and Foreign Nationals Total
No. of Persons 219,638 1,536 222,194
Number of Shares Held 2,349,806,409 2,863,619,927 10,233,603,995
Percentage of Shares Held 22.96 27.98 100

Unit: shares; %

Note1: A total of one government institution has an equity stake of 5% or higher, namely the Taipei City Government, which holds approximately 13.11% of the paid-in capital (common stock) of Fubon Financial Holdings.
Note2: More Shareholder Structure information please see the Annual Report 4.1.2 Status of Shareholders page 156.

2. Major Shareholders:

Taipei City Government Taipei City Government 13.11%
Family of Richard M. Tsai (subtotal of approximately 30%) Richard M. Tsai 3.20%, Daniel M. Tsai 3.02%, Cheng-tao Tsai 1.00%, Shiang-shun Yang Tsai 1.06%, Ming-wen Tsai 0.46%, Ming-chun Tsai 0.47%, Ai-ling Tsai Chen 0.28%, Mei-hui Tsai Weng 0.29%, Tao Chi Enterprises 0.23%, Ru Chi Investment Corp. 0.15%, Tao Chi Investment Corp. 0.13%, Fu Chi Investment Corp. 0.28%, Tao Ying Enterprises 7.73%, Ming Tung Enterprises 8.45%, Chung Hsing Development Corp. 1.42%, Fubon Hsing Chi Corp. 0.10%, Hung Fu Investment Corp. 2.57%

Date: 2019/2/28

Note1: Out of the total number of shares held by Daniel M. Tsai, 100,000,000 shares (approximately 0.98%) have been entrusted for purposes yet to be determined.
Note2: For the latest details concerning shares held by major shareholders, please visit the Market Observation Post System (MOPS) → Investment Section → Inquiry on Statements of Changes in Shares Held by Major Shareholders of Banks (Financial Holding Companies)