Customer Privacy Protection

Fubon Financial Holdings attaches great importance to customer privacy protection. It has established Privacy Statement on Fubon’s official website explaining the ways Fubon Financial Holdings collects, stores, safeguards and protects customer information, and providing customers with the right of requesting termination of sharing of their personal information.

To duly fulfill obligation on customer privacy protection, Fubon Financial Holdings has established “Personal Information Protection Management Policy” and “Guideline governing Keeping Personal Information Files Secure and Disposing of Personal Information after Termination of Business with Customers” , based on “Personal Information Protection Act”, “Enforcement Rules of Personal Information Protection Act” , “Financial Holding Company Act”, and prevailing regulations set by Financial Supervisory Commission for non-government agencies on the security and maintenance of personal information files, to be abided by all subsidiaries across Fubon group.

Fubon Financial Holdings has developed a personal information protection management system based on the “plan – do – check – act”process. Personal information management measures have been incorporated into daily operations and a “Personal Information Protection and Supervision Committee” has been set up to monitor the system’s operations and oversee the security and management of personal information files. In 2014, Fubon Financial Holdings did not occur any leak of personal information or violation of customer privacy.

The Company has received ISO27001 certification for its information security management system. The system involves comprehensive information security controls and management systems that cover the access, handling, transmission and preservation of customer information and personnel and equipment security. Security measures and management controls have also been adopted for databases, networks, personal computers, and storage media and cover the development, design and maintenance of application systems to prevent customer data from being stolen, tampered with, damaged, lost or leaked.

Several steps have been also taken to cultivate and strengthen Fubon employees’ professional knowledge and abilities related to protecting customer information. Systematic training on the protection and management of customer information is provided to all Fubon employees and resources are continually invested in publicizing regulatory regulations. Through these efforts, information protection awareness and concepts are embedded in the corporate culture and daily business activities.

In its pursuit of perfection, Fubon Financial Holdings has followed through on its commitment to customer privacy and personal information protection, fulfilling its CSR mission.