Customer Communication

Customers can communicate with the Company through many different channels, including Fubon’s official website and a consumer complaint hotline. When a customer makes an inquiry or files a complaint, the financial holding company transfers it to the appropriate unit to handle. For complaints that involve more than one subsidiary or a major issue, Fubon steps up communications and coordination to more effectively respond to the problem and protect the customer’s rights.

Fubon Insurance

Being Responsive to Customers’ Needs

Fubon Insurance has created diverse channels through which it communicates and interacts with customers, including a toll-free hotline and a platform for customer comments on the official website, and appoints full-time employees to serve them. The company’s 26 full-time toll-free hotline operators answer more than 80% of the calls received within 20 seconds. When they receive a customer complaint, they hand it over to the supervisor of the department of the worker targeted in the complaint. That supervisor takes charge of the case and contacts the aggrieved customer within 24 hours to understand the nature of the complaint and explore solutions. Based on the Financial Consumer Protection Act, the company must provide a response on how the case will be handled within 30 days...more

Taipei Fubon Bank

Real-time Complaint Channel Served by Full-time Staff

TaipeiFubon Bank puts the customer’sinterests first in setting guidelines on thenotification mechanism, time deadlines,responsible persons and the scope ofcompensation when handling complaints, andempathizes with customers in dealing with theirproblems. A 24-hour service hotline [(02)8751-6665 / 0800-007-889] offerscustomers prompt service, and a dedicatedunit has been established to deal withcustomer complaints...more

Fubon Life

Efficient Channels for Handling Consumer Complaints

To resolve insurance disputes and preserve policyholder rights, Fubon Life has set up a customer service division and a dedicated "customer complaint division" that give customers outstanding service and a transparent, effective channel for lodging complaints. These teams put high priorities on handling cases efficiently and showing empathy toward the customer in resolving disputes, while also tracking customer satisfaction through on-the-spot and periodic surveys. Fubon Life's handling of customer complaints complies with all regulatory requirements issued by the Insurance Bureau and meets all Consumer Protection Law guidelines...more

Fubon Securities

Fubon Securities complies with all regulationson advertising and marketing materials forproducts and services and has establishedinternal “Guidelines for Advertising Planningand Media Purchases” to control the qualityand content of the company’s publicitymaterials. Every effort is made to ensure that allconsumer information is accurate and does notmislead customers, and service and productcontracts explain in detail customers’ rightsrelated to the collection, processing and usageof their information to make sure they are fullyunderstood....more