Customer Service

Fubon Securities

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction through Audits and Training

Fubon Securities conducts regular audits and training programs every year to maintain a high level of service quality and enhance customer loyalty, measures that help improve customer satisfaction.

Improve Customer Satisfaction of Fubon Securities:

Measure Impact
Random checks of recorded calls Randomly checking recorded calls helps identify when trading agents violate regulations and compliance requirements and also provides an idea of each employee’s service etiquette.
Mystery shoppers Mystery shoppers help check on the overall service procedures of branch employees and their level of service etiquette.
Etiquette training Etiquette training is used to improve the telephone etiquette of trading agents and the sales call etiquette and skills of salespeople.
Sharing and publicizing successes Trading agents with successful cases are praised on a public platform, and their experience is shared to positively influence the service skills of other agents.
Acting on customer complaints over service The different types of complaints registered by customers help identify their opinion of the company’s service and help the company better understand the service methods used at its branches and make improvements to service procedures or models.

In addition, Fubon Securities regularly commission outside organizations to conduct customer satisfaction surveys. The 2014 survey focused particularly on customer satisfaction with the company’s electronic platform services and found that nearly 80% of all users were satisfied with their experience. Over 70% of the users of every individual platform (including smartphones, tablets and computers) also expressed satisfaction. Fubon Securities uses the feedback to adjust and perfect its services and products and optimize service to increase its e-trading market share.