Customer Service

Fubon Life

Forging an Unrivaled New-Generation Insurance Services Network

Fubon Life has developed the most complete line of mobile insurance services in Taiwan with the help of advances in cloud computing, mobile technology and Big Data. Fubon Life’s 15,000 insurance agents are now better equipped than ever when they visit customers, able to finalize a mobile insurance contract in 10 minutes. All the agent has to do is enter and verify the policy on a tablet computer and then have the customer review and sign it.

For medical claims, the agent transmits pictures of the written diagnosis and other relevant documents from the clinic or hospital to Fubon Life’s back office processing center. The case is processed as quickly as within 30 minutes of the application being received. Nearly 90 percent of Fubon Life agents use social networks (such as Facebook) or mobile messaging apps (such as Line and Whatsapp) to keep customers informed up to the minute.

Services that Resonate with Customers

Fubon Life also offers the most sophisticated health care services in the insurance sector through a specialized medical team that has provided customized health care advice throughout Taiwan for more than a decade. In 2013, the program extended its focus from customers suffering from catastrophic illnesses to those with one of the eight major ailments requiring long-term care.

Fubon Life also provides policyholders overseas emergency relief services, regardless of the size of the policy, and is the only insurer in the industry to have set up an overseas emergency hotline to help customers when they need it. In addition, the Fubon Life customer service team takes the initiative to keep watch around the clock for major accidents suffered by ethnic Chinese abroad, and is always ready to activate its overseas emergency services mechanism.

Unrivaled Localized Services

Fubon Life has set up Fubon “House” service centers around the country to give people everywhere access to insurance services near where they live. As part of the program, a series of activities in local neighborhoods are held to help customers nurture healthy, sustainable and prosperous lives. In 2014, 30 events attracting 40,000 people were organized with the help of 1,500 volunteers. An even more ambitious program to be unveiled in 2015, called the “Fubon Boundless Talent” project, will extend insurance services into more small towns and rural areas around Taiwan and give young adults who have migrated to urban areas the chance to return home to serve their native communities.

Staying on Top of Customer Satisfaction

In Fubon Life’s customer satisfaction survey for 2014, more than 65% of respondents said they were “extremely satisfied,” up 11 percentage points from 2013. Fubon Life constantly strives to improve customer service no matter how good it already is and commissions a market research firm to conduct customer satisfaction surveys on a regular basis. The surveys cover counter services, the customer service hotline, general telephone etiquette and online service. The results provide a clearer picture of customers’ needs and form the basis for new initiatives.Every year, an ad hoc service improvement team is assembled to review all the factors causing customer dissatisfaction in the previous year and tracks them on a regular basis, strengthening service quality as necessary.

Fully Disclosing Policy Information

Fubon Life provides clear, accurate and consistent information on its products, ensuring that policyholders have access to all the information they should know. Specific information on things to be aware of when buying different types of insurance is provided according to regulatory requirements.

Maintaining Service Quality across Channels

Protecting Customers’ Rights