Customer Service

Taipei Fubon Bank

Creating a Service ManagementMechanism, Diverse Service Channels

Taipei Fubon Bank puts a real premium on service quality. It has set specific performance metrics to monitor the quality of service on a monthly basis and uses several methods to hear the opinions of customers and understand how they view the bank, feedback that informs the direction of subsequent improvements in service quality.

Building Mystery Shopper Teams toMonitor Point of Contact Quality

Building Mystery Shopper Teams toMonitor Point of Contact Quality To elevate its quality of service, Taipei FubonBank initiated an internal “mystery shopper”auditing mechanism. In 2013, it beganestablishing and training specialized in-housemystery shopper teams through which thebank can get a feel for the standard of serviceat each point of contact. The informationcollected forms the basis for improving andmanaging point-of-contact service and ensurethat it remains at a consistently high level.

To enhance the abilities of its mystery shopperteams, Taipei Fubon Bank commissioned anoutside consulting firm to organize trainingcourses for team members, and 45 Fubonemployees, who performed a total of 200inspections in 2014,

Segmenting Institutional Clients to BetterMeet Their Needs

The institutional banking division segmentsclients based on their operating scale andbusiness type to deepen its relationships withthem and better cater to their needs. Relationship manager are created for eachaccount to manage the client relationship andprovide the appropriate financial services,supported by product specialists who offertimely and professional service. Many productfunctions, including those on Fubon’srenminbiservices platform and Fubon BusinessOnline, have been strengthened to providemore convenience and cross-regional cashmanagement services, helping better meetclients’ financial needs.

The survey’s results were as follows in 2013 and 2014: