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‘Immediate Assistance’ Claims Service – Spreading Caring

ubon Insurance’s mission is to apply core functions to serve society. The “Immediate Assistance” program, pioneered by Fubon Insurance in May 2013, typifies that vision. Embodying “empathy” and a “volunteer spirit,” the innovative service brings together Fubon’s professional car insurance claims experience and its 316 claims agents around Taiwan to extend mobile claims services to society at large.

If a Fubon claims agent comes across an accident, on work days or holidays, in metropolitan areas or in the countryside, the agent will take the initiative to lend a helping hand, first using Fubon Insurance’s in-house mobile claims App to see if the car involved is insured with Fubon. If it is, a claims application form and other electronic forms are generated immediately to have the claim accepted for review and launch the claims process. If the accident victim is not a Fubon customer, the agent offers professional claims service advice and helps deal with the scene of the accident, taking photos and gathering other information to make sure the victim is not left helpless.

The service highlights the spirit of “Fubon will be wherever people may need it.” As of the end of 2014, more than 4,000 cases had been handled under the “Immediate Assistance” program, with over 60% involving non-Fubon insurance customers.

2014 ‘Immediate Assistance’Program Service

Period Company Customers Non-company Customers Total
During Working Hours During Non-working Hours Subtotal During Working Hours During Non-working Hours Subtotal
Full Year
308 745 1,053 417 1,219 1,636 2,689
248 420 668 377 726 1,103 1,771
Total 1,721 2,739 4,460

‘Auto Insurance Loss Prevention Education’ Service

Traffic accidents represent the most common form of accident in Taiwan. To raise awareness that preventing accidents is more important than filing a claim after a problem occurs, Fubon Insurance began offering in 2005 a free loss prevention education service related to car insurance. The program, led by a team of loss prevention experts handpicked from among Fubon Insurance’s best customer service people, provides safety information and guidance on preventing driving-related losses that can be tailored to different organizations’ needs, helping lower traffic accident rates. It also explains in detail the process for handling accidents to help customers stand up for their rights and interests. The program has received widespread recognition since its inception, and several agencies and groups have incorporated the service into their educational outreach programs.

Auto Insurance Loss Prevention Education Service’s Reach
Year No. of Sessions Total Attendance
2014 218 9,682
2013 219 8,595

12% more people attended the sessions in 2014