Customer Service

The Service Excellence Committee, consisting of senior executives of Fubon Financial Holdings and its subsidiaries, meets on an irregular basis to hear from service teams from inside and outside of the organization. It has established a service excellence network to share innovative service information, encourage learning from each other, stimulate new thinking and enhance service quality, all to exceed customer expectations and continue to improve customer satisfaction.

Fubon Insurance

‘Immediate Assistance’ Claims Service – Spreading Caring

Fubon Insurance’s mission is to apply core functions to serve society. The “Immediate Assistance” program, pioneered by Fubon Insurance in May 2013, typifies that vision. Embodying “empathy” and a “volunteer spirit,” the innovative service brings together Fubon’s professional car insurance claims experience and its 316 claims agents around Taiwan to extend mobile claims services to society at large...more

Taipei Fubon Bank

Creating a Service ManagementMechanism, Diverse Service Channels

Taipei Fubon Bank puts a real premium on service quality. It has set specific performance metrics to monitor the quality of service on a monthly basis and uses several methods to hear the opinions of customers and understand how they view the bank, feedback that informs the direction of subsequent improvements in service quality...more

Fubon Life

Forging an Unrivaled New-Generation Insurance Services Network

Fubon Life has developed the most complete line of mobile insurance services in Taiwan with the help of advances in cloud computing, mobile technology and Big Data. Fubon Life’s 15,000 insurance agents are now better equipped than ever when they visit customers, able to finalize a mobile insurance contract in 10 minutes. All the agent has to do is enter and verify the policy on a tablet computer and then have the customer review and sign it. ..more

Fubon Securities

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction through Audits and Training

Fubon Securities conducts regular audits and training programs every year to maintain a high level of service quality and enhance customer loyalty, measures that help improve customer satisfaction...more