Great Work Environment

A friendly environment and healthy employees are essential to a company’s well-being. Fubon has taken several steps to ensure that employees maintain their energy levels on the job. Massage stations have been installed to help employees deal with stress, and health stations equipped with blood pressure devices and other diagnostic tools are in place to make it easier for employees to keep tabs on their health.

The Company has also organized healthy workplace activities and seminars with doctors in which medical specialists share their insights on the latest medical knowledge. At the same time, Fubon has partnered with the Taiwan Institute of Psychotherapy for years to offer “Happy Workplace” psychological counseling services that care for employees’ mental health while protecting their privacy.

Summary of Healthy Workplace Promotion Activities

Activity Description
Regular Physicals/Health Checkups Fubon helps employees manage their health and prevent disease by offering them free regular physicals in cooperation with several top health care institutions. Through these checkups, employees can gauge their health and take steps to improve it, in the process lowering the risk of or avoiding major illnesses. To remind employees to pay attention to their health, Fubon organizes health seminars and sends out monthly bulletins or alerts by e-mail covering food and nutrition, exercising and health care.Fubon also takes preventing and controlling the risk from major infectious diseases very seriously and reminds employees of disease prevention steps at appropriate times. During the H1N1 flu virus scare, for example, Fubon issued “emergency contingency measures to control human activity in response to the H1N1 flu.” The measures, directed at employees or family members suspected of having the flu, required that they take time off and that a daily reporting system be set up.
Simple Exercise Center/Blood Pressure Monitors and Other Equipment Fubon has taken many steps to encourage employees to exercise during their free time or after work, including setting up simple “exercise centers” in office buildings with relatively high concentrations of employees. These centers are equipped with ping-pong tables, basketball machines, treadmills, stationary bikes and other equipment, and yoga, aerobic dancing and fitness classes are offered to give employees the chance to relax and relieve stress. Blood pressure devices have also been placed in Fubon office buildings for employee use to help them keep tabs on their health.
Massage Station System In collaboration with the Suang Lien Foundation for the Visually Impaired, Fubon has hired a number of visually impaired licensed massage therapists to give Fubon employees free massages every Tuesday to Friday in the afternoon. The arrangementhelps employees relieve stress and provides opportunities for the visually impaired, thus creating benefits for the Company, its employees and society. In 2014, 33 visually impaired massage therapists gave Fubon employees 47,838 massages. The cost of the program, including equipment maintenance, was nearly NT$10 million.
Psychological Counseling Fubon has put a priority on caring for employees’ mental health and indirectly improving their mood at work, job performance and team spirit. Periodic lectures or training sessions on such topics as “EQ” or “Stress Management” are organized, and arrangements have been made with outside organizations such as the Teacher Chang Foundation to provide psychological counseling for Fubon employees as needed at the Company’s expense. The services protect employees’ privacy and cover such areas as workplace problems, personal problems, career planning, and family and marriage issues. The hope is to provide more comprehensive care to help employees get into a good mindset and face up to challenges.
Other Health Promotion Initiatives Several other initiatives showcase Fubon’s efforts to promote exercise.Fubon employee sports clubs can apply for funding for their activities, and the first 1,000 employees who register ahead of time for Fubon-sponsored marathons can get a discount on registration fees. Employees also have access to limited numbers of free tickets to Fubon Braves basketball games and discounts on tickets to the Fubon LPGA Taiwan Championship.

Creating Diverse Exercise Experiences

At the core of Fubon’s engagement with its employees is the belief that “happy employees lead to happy families and happy customers.” Part of nurturing happy employees involves encouraging them to participate in different activities to maintain a balance between their physical and mental health. Occasional employee athletic competitions, travel subsidies and diverse exercise experiences all help Fubon associates preserve a healthy work-life balance.

Exercise is a good way to consolidate consensus and shape corporate culture, and physical exertion can stimulate positive and optimistic thoughts. Fubon makes a conscious effort to get its employees to exercise and encourage them to embrace healthy lifestyles, organizing sports and exercise events at different times of the year and sponsoring employee clubs. In 2014, Fubon provided more than NT$3.7 million in funding to 27 in-house sports and social welfare clubs for activities in which 12,829 employees participated.

In addition, Fubon Financial Holdings has long supported sports development in Taipei and contributed to the rise of a healthy sports culture. In 2014, the Company received a “Sports Angel Award” from the city and a seventh “Gold Award” and second “Long-term Sponsorship Award” from the Sports Administration under the Ministry of Education in recognition of those efforts. This support for sports combined with employee participation fully exemplifies the Fubon brand’s spirit of “positive energy.”

Promoting a Friendly Workplace

Fubon Financial Holdings has promoted friendly workplaces and fostered friendly work environments through several measures, including efforts to ensure employees’ personal safety, support women during their pregnancies, offer childbirth allowances, grant maternity leave without pay, and provide child care assistance.The “Embrace” project launched in cooperation with the Fubon Art Foundation in 2014 sought to extend the scope of caring to the families of Fubon employees through a series of activities that included parents and children painting small “embracing” figures and competing in a creative video contest.

Measures taken to promote a friendly workplace:

Measure Description
Personal Safety When employees work past 11 p.m. because of their shifts, they can take a taxi home at the Company’s expense. The shift supervisor then checks to make sure that the individual has arrived home safely.
Happy Pregnancy Fubon lends special maternity versions of company uniforms at no charge to pregnant employees, reducing the hassle and expense they face in dressing for work during their pregnancies.
Prenatal Peace of Mind To give female employees peace of mind during their pregnancies, they are allowed to take tocolysis leave. They simply have to submit an application when leave is needed.
Childbirth Allowances Fubon and its subsidiaries have set rules on providing an allowance to employees or their spouses who give birth.
Maternity Leave Employees can apply for job-protected leave without pay to nurse their newborn child based on internal company regulations covering maternity leave.When the employee returns to work, the priority is to have the person resume his or her original job. If that person’s original position is no longer vacant, the Companywill work with other units or subsidiaries to arrange an appropriate position.
Child Care Assistance Fubon has contracted with several licensed child care organizations with branches around the country to meet employees’ day care needs at preferential group rates. We also have set up child care subsidies and education subsidies and grants to help employees defray the cost of raising their children.
Employee Group Insurance Employees and their families can save money and get peace of mind by opting to insure themselves and their dependents through Fubon group insurance, which incorporates life insurance, catastrophic illness insurance, accident insurance and medical insurance. Fubon pays 70% of the premiums whether the insured party is an employee or a dependent. If children are added to the policy, a premium for only one person is charged no matter how many children are insured.

In recent years, Fubon has concentrated on optimizing its breastfeeding rooms and their equipment to create a comfortable and relaxing space that fully meets the needs of new mothers. The goal has been to turn them into warm private sanctuaries for breastfeeding mothers where they can share information about nursing young children and trade stories and pictures that chronicle their own babies’ growth. Fubon is also supportive of parents who take time off to be with their young children. There were 603 people whose applications for maternity or paternity leave were approved in 2014. Through these and other measures, Fubon employees can feel the benefits of efforts made by the Company to care for them during an important stage in their lives and appreciate Fubon’s determination to be an excellent company to work for.

Status of Employees Taking Parental Leave without Pay

Fubon Financial Taipei Fubon Bank Fubon Life (Office Staff) Fubon Insurance Fubon Securities
Description Men Women Men Women Men Women Men Women Men Women
No. of people who applied for parental leave without pay in 2014 0 4 9 97 3 52 2 21 0 2
No. of people expected back from parental leave in 2014 (A) 0 5 4 82 2 29 2 25 1 6
No. of people who returned in 2014 (B) 0 5 2 42 0 23 1 8 0 0
No. of people who returned in 2013 (C) 0 3 9 68 3 24 3 8 0 5
No. of people at work for more than a year after returning from parental leave in 2013 (D) 0 2 8 65 3 18 3 7 0 1
Return-to-Work Rate (B/A) 0% 100% 50% 51% 0% 79% 50% 32% 0% 0%
Retention Rate (D/C) 0% 67% 89% 96% 100% 75% 100% 88% 0% 20%

1. The number of workers who did return to work after taking unpaid parental leave includes those who returned earlier than expected.
2. The return-to-work rate represents the number of people who actually resumed their duties divided by the number expected back; the retention rate are the number of people who have been at work for more than 1 year after returning to work from parental leave divided by the number of people who actually returned to work.
3. Because of the special nature of the jobs of Fubon Life’s outside agents, they are not included in these figures