Diverse Talent Development Programs

Fubon Financial Holdings sees the continuing growth and evolution of employees as the key to a company’s longevity, which is why it puts such a premium on nurturing talent. Through a series of programmed courses, employees have access to a broad diversity of learning resources and opportunities that stimulate their desire to grow and continue to learn, enhance their professional expertise and equip them to cope with a constantly changing business environment. A “Service Excellence Program for New Fubon Employees” was introduced in 2014 that passes on the organization’s knowledge and experience through courses that convey Fubon’s core values. Partly in recognition of these efforts, Fubon Financial Holdings was named the “Most Admired Company” in the financial holding company sector in 2014 byCommonWealth Magazine and was also ranked among Taiwan’s top 10 “Most Admired Companies” regardless of sector for the third consecutive year.

Managers as Students

Tailored career development programs have been developed for managers at all levels of the organization that correspond to their management responsibilities. Advanced training programs are created to further enhance functional development and expose managers to the latest management techniques and knowledge through experiential learning, role playing, interactive video classes and other methods that make the process more effective. A total of 40 management classes attended by 1,800 people were held in 2014. The average satisfaction level was 4.57 on a scale of 5. Based on observations and feedback from these managerial-level courses, Fubon has improved the learning experience by applying hands-on and digital methods to cater to the developmental needs of employees at different stages of their careers.

Management trainees are an important part of Fubon’s talent development process. Senior executives select individuals with development potential who, after passing an evaluation, enter the Fubon talent pool, becoming the top choices for future promotion. The program incorporates such themes as management thinking, problem solving, and quality management. A total of 428 management trainees were certified as qualified from 2009 to 2014, and more than 40% of them have already been promoted to managerial positions.

Fubon Financial Holdings also continues to develop managers with an international perspective. Every year, it recommends outstanding employees to take one-year advanced management courses at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. Participants not only continue to collect their salary during their year abroad, their tuition is fully paid for by the company and they also receive a living allowance. Expectations are that this exposure to highly talented people from different countries and sectors will stimulate new ways of thinking that can be injected into the organization and used to enhance business development and the cultivation of talent.

Masters of Their Own Development

Fubon Financial Holdings provides ample opportunities for employees to strengthen their financial expertise, computer skills, interpersonal communication skills, language ability, management skills and legal knowledge through physical and digital learning platforms. These platforms motivate employee participation by eliminating time and space limitations and satisfy their every learning need, ultimately forging a relaxing and happy workplace environment where learning is extremely convenient.

To encourage employees to continue their education, expand their horizons and enhance their professional competitiveness, Fubon Financial Holdings offers various financial grants for language training or the pursuit of a degree or professional certification. Employees who take courses related to finance or their jobs at their own expense, whether at home or abroad, can apply to take time off while keeping their positions based on Fubon’s “Management Guidelines for Employees Taking Leave without Pay.” This measure caters to the varied needs of Fubon employees in pursuing learning and personal growth and enables the company to retain outstanding employees and achieve its retention targets.

In 2014, Fubon’s digital learning online platform had 408 courses available – some developed in-house and some purchased from outside organizations – for employees to choose from and learn without time constraints. An internal coaching certification system that trained 268 people in 2014 and a program for training international talent are also in place to broaden employees’ development paths.

Fubon Financial Holdings also uses its digital platform to pass on new knowledge and information and encourages employees to independently plan their own learning programs as well. At the same time, employees are also urged to participate in Fubon Art Foundation “Fubon Forum” activities with the support of subsidies from the Company. These events give people a chance to learn in a relaxed atmosphere and improve their personal and professional people skills.

Beyond strengthening workplace competitiveness through these many initiatives, the Company continued its “Master Lectures” in northern, central and southern Taiwan in 2014, inviting professional psychological counselors to share their experiences. This training program to foster workplace well-being built positive attitudes and got people to think about their own issues, helping them learn how to handle stress and setbacks in their lives. It also echoed the themes of communicating with and raising children broached in recent years and offered models and tips for nurturing parent-child relationships. In 2014, 1,177 people participated in self-development activities.

2014 Fubon Financial Holdings Training Overview

Company Fubon Financial Taipei Fubon Bank Fubon Life (Outside Agents) Fubon Life (Office Staff) Fubon Insurance Fubon Securities Average Training Hours Per Employee
Managers Women 20.57 56.02 37.93 35.48 46.78 54.79 41.93
Men 22.15 41.14 31.94 38.08 27.20 53.27 35.63
Non-Managers Women 23.65 31.26 26.32 43.57 30.76 49.13 34.11
Men 22.72 32.15 27.07 48.06 20.29 45.44 32.62
Average Training Hours Per Employee 22.27 40.14 30.82 41.30 31.26 50.66 36.07
Item 2014
No. of Employees 31,714
Total Training Attendance(Person times) 411,544
Total Employee Training Hours 1,469,105
Average Training Hours Per Employee 36

Note: The training hours shown above include time spent on compliance and legal education and training sessions for new employees.

Job Rotation System

Fubon Financial Holdings encourages job rotation to give employees exposure to different types of jobs and enhance service efficiency, and established “Regulations on Rotating and Transferring Personnel” to optimize the process. Supervisors can apply to have their subordinates rotated based on the employee’s experience, performance, development potential or professional needs. Employees can also go through internal recruiting channels to pursue rotation opportunities. To comply with rules on internal control systems in the financial services sector, people in positions involving finance, cashier, or purchasing functions are given the chance to rotate after completing five years in the same job.

In recent years, Fubon’s operating strategy has increasingly focused on overseas expansion, with more employees getting opportunities to be rotated abroad. The training given those being sent abroad, which gives them an in-depth look at their new market’s economic trends, local politics and culture, and the financial regulatory environment, contributes to the Company’s systematic efforts to nurture international talent. Such training, combined with overseas rotations or internships, enable Fubon’s people to quickly accumulate valuable international experience and develop professional competencies.