Health insurance

Health insurance

Subject Matter Insured

- Residence: The Insured Person must be a person who lives, works or studies in the territorial scope of Vietnam.

- Age: be agedi) Between 1 year old and sixty-five (65) years old (inclusive) who can perform all the Activities of Daily Living and must not be confined in a Hospital at the Commencement Date of this contract

  • Renewal for an Insured Member who is aged sixty-six (66) years up to seventy (70) years subject to the payment of the applicable Premium and the terms and conditions applicable at Policy Anniversary.

- Eligibility: People who suffer from

  • Mental illness, leprosy, or drug users (except for some additive substances, or psychotropic as per prescribed by the doctor)
  • Over 50% permanent disabilities are not eligible.

Scope of cover

  • Death & Permanent Disablement Due to Accident, illness
  • In-patient Treatment and Surgical charges Due to Accident, illness
  • Top loss In-patient treatment for Serious illness and Accident
  • Out – patient treatment

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