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Taipei Fubon Bank History

Taipei Fubon Bank History

Date Establish : April 21, 1969
Chairman : Eric Chen
Headquarters Address : Ren’ai Rd., Sec. 4, No. 169, Da’an District Taipei (106), Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Paid-in Capital : NTD$122,562,087,710
Number of Branches : Domestic: 135 Overseas: 5 Branches plus two Representative Offices
Number of Employee : 6,977
Businesse : Corporate banking, personal banking, credit cards, wealth management, trusts, treasury services, government banking
About the Bank

About the Bank

Story of Firsts

  • Engineered the first large-scale merger between a state-owned bank and private bank in Taiwan´s banking history
  • Ranked first in market share in Taipei by branches of any private Taiwan bank
  • Ranked first in Syndications & Structured Finance among Taiwan’s private banks
  • Was the first Taiwanese bank to successfully acquire a bank in China (Fubon Bank (China) Co., Ltd)

Taipei Fubon Bank, a 100% owned subsidiary of Fubon Financial Holdings, was created through the merger of Taipei Bank and Fubon Bank on Jan. 1, 2005. The first merger involved a state-owned bank and a private bank in Taiwan. As of Sep. 30, 2021, Taipei Fubon Bank had total assets of NT$3.599 trillions and operated a total of 135 domestic branches, 5 overseas branches and 2 representative offices. It has the most branches in Taipei of any private bank in Taiwan.

Taipei Fubon Bank’s strong performance in recent years has earned it numerous honors and awards from domestic and foreign media in the financial sector. The Bank’s institutional banking division has been recognized for excellence in several fields, including syndicated loan deals, forex operations, and SME trade finance, by the prestigious journals Global Finance, Asiamoney and The Asset. The retail banking division has earned recognition for its achievements in digital finance, private banking and wealth management from not only Global Finance and Asiamoney but also International Finance Magazine,The Asian Banker, and Euromoney. Beyond its business honors, the Bank has been awarded for its commitment to corporate social responsibility issues such as environmental protection, social engagement, and sustainability, having been cited, for example, for “Best CSR” by Excellence Magazine.

Taipei Fubon Bank is rolling out a Bank 3.0 digital banking environment that will use big data analysis to develop new revenue streams and set up advanced information systems to meet the growing demand for online and mobile banking services. At the same time, the Bank continues to integrate its branches and virtual channels to meet customers´ evolving financial services needs. Branches around Taiwan are being renovated to make branch services more efficient, while internet and mobile banking services are being optimized to drive innovation in the customer experience and boost the overall quality of service.
While innovating at home, Taipei Fubon Bank has been expanding abroad. Since acquiring controlling interest (51%) of First Sino Bank on Jan. 7, 2014 and changing the name to Fubon Bank (China) in April 2014, the Bank has performed extensive financial services to the clients of Greater China area. With covering area in Shanghai, the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and the Bohai Economic Circle, Fubon Bank (China) has provided the Taiwanese businesses the broadest coverage banking outlets than any Taiwan-based bank and earnd Fubon a leading position in China.

Responding to the rising tide of financial integration, Taipei Fubon Bank formally opened a branch in Singapore in March 2016 to take another step in extending its financial services platform into Southeast Asia. Beyond catering to the financial needs of Taiwanese businesses in the region, the Bank also intends to pursue opportunities with local corporate clients and leverage links with Fubon Financial Holdings’ network covering China, Hong Kong and Vietnam to strengthen relationships with international companies.The Taipei Fubon Bank’s Jakarta representative office opened in September 2019 and Sydney representative office opened in July 2021, respectively. That marks new territories in the Asia-Pacific Region for the bank and establishes the " Golden Bridge" which connects Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia.

As Taipei Fubon Bank develops a robust financial services platform across the region, it has not forgotten the spirit of “giving back to society what one reaps from society” through tangible actions. The Bank has held a “Budding Tycoon Money Management Camp” annually since 1998 to foster healthy attitudes toward money among young Taiwanese and help them understand future financial trends. Another initiative was launched in 2012 in cooperation with the Fubon Cultural & Education Foundation called the “Future Tycoon Outreach Program” to narrow the urban-rural divide and help disadvantaged elementary school students in remote areas learn basic concepts on how to properly manage money. These long-term efforts have successfully planted the roots of financial literacy education in Taiwan.

Taipei Fubon Bank will continue in the future to further solidify its financial services platform spanning China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore to be able to provide the most complete portfolio of financial services to clients consistent with their business development. Backed by a highly efficient channel platform, an unrivaled line of products and services, and extremely effective operations, the Bank is determined to emerge as the preferred financial strategy partner for customers in the Greater China market and move steadily toward the vision of becoming “a top regional bank in Asia.”